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this will ruin lives

This video was generated entirely by AI.


It was generated by OpenAI’s new text-to-video model called Sora. It’s currently only being tested by a small group of experts and creators.

I don’t know how other’s feel about this, but I find this kinda terrifying. A lot of the videos that they’ve shown off so far are already very convincing, and I can already imagine the kind of misinformation that will be created with this tool. Even if OpenAI can keep the lid on it with Sora, the fact that they have pulled something like this off probably means we’ll see others turning up soon. I wouldn’t be shocked to see an open sourced equivalent for this, like Stable Diffusion.

I know we can’t put the genie back in the bottle now, but I do really worry about the future when the tech is getting this good this quick. This feels like the end of the information age, because we might be soon be unable to tell what info is real and what is fake.

You can see more examples from Sora here: https://openai.com/sora

i now own zirc.lol!!!

i’ll be hosting all of my projects on it :P

portfolio: https://www.zirc.lol/index

i genuinely think instead of hating on blaze for what it is, we should improve it with either third-party scripts or contacting kyle about the issues

that would be much more useful than botting and spamming the api

wasteof user @joshatticus created a userscript which blocked tracking requests and ip grabbers on Blaze which is accessible at:


otherwise, you can use the following ublock origin filters if you want added privacy:

# IP tracking/blocking

# Wix analytics
POST: frog.wix.com
Feb 11, 2024, 12:18 AM
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Should I revive it? Haven't been working on it lately tbh

Flame - Top Tier Discord Bot

Flame is a Discord bot developed by @human (lolzthegreat on Discord) that allows you to moderate your server and keep your community engaged with fun features!

Current Features:

  • Pollinations /image command

  • you.com /ask command

  • Account-wide economy (syncs throughout servers)

  • Useful moderation tools (purge, ban, kick, msg, server)

  • Server statistics

To Be Added:

  • Statistics Dashboard

  • Economy profile viewer

  • Official economy API

Release date: TBD

all dreams have a deeper meaning

(plot twist: you’ll meet post malone today)

i had a vivid dream that i was best friends with post malone and we played Minecraft together every day and we established this really wholesome relationship and when i woke up i cried cause i missed him

i like ya cut g

and you know you’ve gotta give it a big spank!

my mechanical keyboard arrived today and I swear i’m never buying a normal keyboard again

(I got the Keychron C3 Pro with red keycaps)

i’ve recently switched from python for my backend and frontend projects to node.js

it’s actually fun and a new learning experience :)

currently making a blog using marked.js and ejs!

i feel like learning jquery and making a “shell” with it

replit’s new hosting is straight up bs

my pet bird just died.

fly high, twitch <3

thanks to the mfs who “suspended” my infinityfree domain (clicker.wxyz.rf.gd) for mf “phishing”

please elaborate.

what the fuck is this shit

dummy $time $time_min $time_hour [* objectives *]
bossbar !progress^100

repeat (
	:time.ticks = /time query daytime [* stores into minecraft:time *]
	as @a (
		$time = :time.ticks * 0.06 [* ticks to Minecraft minutes *]
		$time_min = $time % 60
		$time_hour = ($time / 60) + 6 % 24
		if @s.Inventory[{Slot: -106b, id: "minecraft:clock"}] ( [* Only show digits when a clock is put offhand *]
			/title @s actionbar c"$($time_hour):$($time_min)"
			if $time_min < 10 /title @s actionbar c"$($time_hour):0$($time_min)"

function test (
	say "This is a function."
	say "The value is $(value)." [* Macro lines don't need to be prefixed with $ *]
	@s!progress = $(value)

function setMaximum (
	@s!progress^ = $(value)

what an awesome new year’s resolution

1.2.24 || Playing EVERY Mario Kart Track From EVERY GAME With My Brother In ONE DAY (Challenge)