damn bro

Ah yes switzerland


Can this post get 10 likes, 10 repostes, and 10 comments? 🧐

I’ve been having a 4 day weekend because of memorial day (I was off Friday and I’ll be off tomorrow) and I’ve been really bored all I did yesterday was watch greenhouse academy

May 26, 2024, 8:25 PM
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as a clarinet player, what the hell is wrong with recorders-

jeffalo? nah its gotta be markalo

well my band concert is now over and like it feels weird when something you’ve been practicing for is over-

oh yeah these two kids on my bus apparently make out in the back

I have a band concert in like 2 and a half hours

I’m trying to do heatless curls or whatever to my hair to see if it actually works

question. what timezone are people in

controversial but not controversial but also very controversial post