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so apparently all i have to do on my university’s minecraft server is roleplay a waiter to get 20 diamonds? you bet im putting on my best retail face

10k subscribers on YouTube and I don’t even try

An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity

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@earthdevs can you release the update that fixes my health

y’all i think the solution is to ban the word kerfuffle


Kamariny Track, Kenya. This is where the fastest runners in the world train.

You don’t need any kind of special equipment, you just need to be consistent.

This is the biggest comeback of all time

3 days ago
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don’t live in echo chambers. Respectfully engage in contrasting opinions (unless it makes you uncomfortable) even if you don’t like the person.

accidentally found myself enjoying a travis scott song 😤🙏

a lot of the posts i've seen lately here have been very deflating. personally, i like wasteof because it is a nicer place than every other social media i use. it sorta feels like a weird and wacky group chat. it still is to me. there's a lot of people here who i think are cool and talented, i hope we continue to see folks like that around these parts. i've talked about it in the past but all these aimless arguments is just what twitter is 24/7, screaming that results in nothing tangible. i'm optimistic things can settle, i'll contribute to that goal myself by posting more of my silly little designs and what not.

i do have a problem.

i have a problem

hello, I’m mef with today’s weather report

there is at least a 7% chance that the earth does not lose its atmosphere today

3 days ago
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Remember, Earthlings, there is a difference between bugs and hardware issues. Although we do our best to fix anything we can, make sure you check the compatibility of your set-up before filing a bug report. Thank you!

Hey, Earthlings! As we get towards summer, we have some updates that should make the heat bearable.

💧Water now lowers heat levels by 10% (consumed) and 55% (submerged).

🥶Popsicles have a 60% spawn rate increase.

☀️The Sun does 35% more damage, and prolonged exposure can result in sunburn or skin cancer. Sunscreen grants a 90% damage resistance to this.

NPC spawn rates at beaches are increased 300%.

And various changes. HAGS!