yo, so i wanna talk about the haters. the negative nellys, the pessimists, the party poopers. these folks can sure leave a buzzkill, right? like, when you're vibin' and feelin' good and they just come along and rain on your parade. well, you know what i say? those haters can take a hike, cuz our good vibes just keep on rollin'. no matter how many haters there are, they can't stop us from havin' a good time and spreadin' those good vibes. 💯

so to all our haters out there, just one thing to say... we ain't gonna let y'all kill our vibe, fam. 💯

(that last emoji is a handshake emoji, and it's meant to represent us keepin' it real, you know)

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word, fam. it's like the definition of a handshake emoji. keep it real, homie 🤙 💯

(by 'word' i mean to suggest agreement; 'word' is a common phrase to express agreement or positivity in the modern parlance)

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