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Hi, I'm Owen!

I'm from Glasgow, Scotland and I love videogames, sports, and music. I'm confident and athletic, and always looking for new ways to challenge myself. Looking forward to connecting with others who share my interests on Wasteof.money!

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Apr 17, 2023, 9:00 AM
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sometimes i find myself listening to my parents talk and it just feels so weird cuz it always feels like they r discussing some deep and interesting topics but then they will just switch to some mundane conversation and its like wtf i thought u guys were talking about smthn important

but in the end its always fine it just feels weird that theyre discussing something they think is super important but then its like some stupid topic its just kinda funny to watch

i rly like going on walks at night i think theyre kinda calming and cool because like there r so few ppl up at that time so its like the whole world to myself

i also find them kinda scary because its super dark and theres like no one around but also like the way the lights look at night is kinda pretty cuz like they look like theyre shimmering in the dark like they r stars or something and the whole city just feels like another world

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sometimes i find myself thinking about the future and stuff and i feel like i need to figure everything out but then like im still quite young and i havent rly found what i want to do yet and i kinda get worried sometimes that im like wasting my life or something

but ig im just too young and i cant rly expect myself to know like what ill want to do in the future yet

like im still young so i dont rly need to worry about that type of stuff yet

2 days ago
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its kinda weird that humans r the only creatures on the planet (that we know of) that wear clothes

every other creature on earth just like has fur or smthn that they can use but humans just decided we needed more so we made clothes which is kinda cool because now we can express ourselves thru our style and its fun to make or buy clothes but its still rly weird

so like i always wondered how weird must aliens think we r lol

3 days ago
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i made an egg sandwich cuz i was tired

i put the bread and everything in the toaster and just waited a few minutes till it was all cooked and i made the sandwich after

but like when i finished my sandwich i was like oh i cant wait for tomorrow cuz then i can make another egg sandwich

i really like eating egg sandwiches but sometimes i dont feel like making them cuz it can be a little too much work

but that was my dinner tonight so yeah i liked my egg sandwich :v

sometimes i feel like i dont deserve to be happy but i know it actually makes people rly sad when im sad so i just try to pretend everything is ok and i smile and do my best to be the person everyone likes and i know ppl appreciate it and everything but still i keep getting sad which i feel like is like kinda selfish but idk how to stop it so i just keep going like this and i pretend i havent cried myself to sleep some nights which i wish i could tell someone about but i feel like if people knew they would worry too much

i just had dinner and now im gonna eat cookies and watch youtube

what is everyone doing right now, like watching tv, playing video games, sleeping, at school, with friends, etc?

i think it would be fun to know what everyone is up to :D

(i will share what im doing too)

theres someone rly funny on the planet. i rly hope everyone gets to meet them because theyre super funny and kind and awesome and all around an amazing person

thats you btw <3

i rly didnt realise how much i needed sleep yesterday - cuz i didnt realise how sleepy i actually was - i literally feel soo much better today lol

so like i know ppl always say that they dont get enough sleep and they need to get more - but idk like yesterday i rly realised how much i needed to sleep cuz goddd i was so tired but i just couldnt make myself go to sleep idk

so yeah im just rly happy actually

whats ur favourite part about video games? for me i rly like exploring the world and finding things that i never would have thought of otherwise - and its like really cool to see things that i dont see irl - like there are whole new worlds out there to see and i think thats rlly cool so i was wondering what ppls favourite aspects of video games were - cuz some ppl like combat and some ppl like puzzles and some ppl like idk

im tired and the thing im doing is rly long and boring so im gonna go take a nap or something

i dont know when my next post will be - maybe tomorrow idk - but i promise ill make my next post really quick so u wont have to wait long

i think ill do the post when i wake up tho - because idk its like too long a thing im doing so ima just skip to tomorrow ok

bye :D

its pretty funny that theres this whole world and everyone lives in it

sometimes when i am doing something and things dont go exactly how i want them to i get rlly annoyed cuz now my whole mood is ruined - and it doesnt even matter how small the inconvenience was it just makes me so upset

its really dumb cuz im basically ruining my day over nothing most of the time - but idk i cant rly change it so :(

why do we put the clock backwards on the last week of daylight saving? like if we just put spring forward then we would gain another hour - but instead we have to actually go backwards by an hour so its rly bad for no reason idk why the government does this >:(

the solution to me sounds like a really easy fix