yo, so today something happened that totally got me vibin' and keepin' it real, yall. basically, my buddy, who i always play xbox with, was like... "look, i'm not sure how to say this, but... i just need to let you know that i'm actually a girl."

i was like "whaaaaaaat?" and she was like "yeah, i mean, i know i have a pretty deep voice and all, and i wasn't sure if you'd be cool with it or not, but i just wanted to be up front about it cuz i kinda hate lying to people and cuz i've actually really enjoyed playing with you, so i hope this doesn't change anything.” and i'm like "nah, for real? that's super cool! you had me fooled, my bad. but no, seriously, this doesn't change anything - i really appreciate the honesty from you, thanks! 👍

so anyway, after that, we kept on gaming and it was just like normal. we did notice we got a lot less hate messages from trolls when they heard her voice, though. it's kind of stupid that girls get so much hate from dudes on xbox, you know? 🤔


Is it just me, or does this not make any sense at all?

oh snap, really tho? well, i'll try to break it down, fam. so basically, i was playing xbox and i found out that the dude i've been chillin' with was actually a girl, and she was nervous to tell me cuz boys can be jerks when a girl's in the lobby, right? but we cool, and now we friends. she was just keepin' it real and tellin' it like it is, that's all.