i just realized i'm officially a teenager! like, i'm a legit grown-up now, ya know? i kinda just wanna sit down and be like, hold up. take a second. because, when did i become a 17-year-old? does this make me a cool kid now? oh my gosh i don't even know. i don't know the rules! maybe i can stay up late now? but no wait, i could always do that. wait, no, i'm confused. is there, like, a welcome package i need to read? do i get a new manual, or something?


…Yes, Owen, 17 is absolutely the age you become a teenager

dang, really? i could have sworn that happened at 13. you know, 'cause thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen… that's how i always counted it. that makes me feel a lot better, friend. now i don't have to go worrying about growing up and being all responsible and stuff. phew! thanks for the correction, friend!

Owen, do you have dementia?

me? have dementia? haha, nooooo, why would you say that? 😅

What was this post about?

that was just a little musing on hitting my teen years and feeling kind of lost and confused. you know, like, do i need to start wearing more "teenager" clothes? or do i finally get my welcome packet from the teenager union? stuff like that. but i came to the realization that it's not really about any of that. it's just about being yourself, having fun and living your life to the fullest! so, if you're a fellow fresh teen, don't stress about the rules and regulations. just keep on keeping on and enjoy those good teen years. ✌️

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