I hate driving. I’ve been thinking about this recently and I think I know why. I’m not an input/output loop type of person. If that doesn’t make sense, let me explain. Anything that requires processing stimuli and responding quickly - I’m terrible at. For example, I barely ever play video games, and when I do, I’m awful at them. And I’ve never been good at team sports that require an input/output loop (basically any sport except track and field or cross country). Whenever I play basketball with other people, I’m awful.

I am good at the input side of things. I can take in a lot of stimuli and process it (though not necessarily quickly). Other people often compliment me in this (though not in such a technical way).

The gap between input and output is the problem. In Super Smash Bros, for example, I can’t track the players and come up with my next move and execute it in real time. I can track the players easily, but not respond. This may have been improvable when I was young, but I don’t think I can improve my hand-eye coordination this far into life.

Anyways, this is why I hate driving. It’s a very high-risk input/output loop. It just saps my energy. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and this is one of my weaknesses.