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online aliases (in order of preference): ally, ally :), allyz, ally smile

essentials: she/her, person of color, in university on my 2nd degree (suffering) ♡

mainly post stuff about my life! i try to keep my profile a happy, comfy & safe place. i also really like existing peacefully, so if you’re here to say things that will hurt people’s feelings or cause arguments, this is not the place for you :)


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Mar 2, 2023, 1:43 AM
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so apparently all i have to do on my university’s minecraft server is roleplay a waiter to get 20 diamonds? you bet im putting on my best retail face

(context: i joined one of the dance clubs at my university) getting 8k steps from one club meeting is INSANE

oh to have a chandelier fall on me (but non-lethally) like in Phantom of the Opera…

sometimes i fear that i am the only sane member of my dnd campaign…

tell me i’m not the only one who still collects those little prizes you get from the dentist for behaving well as a kid

hypoallergenic dogs and cats are the best… i hugged a dog and had it sit in my lap for the first time in my life last week and it was life-changing 🫶🫶

so signing up for an early morning seminar and forcing myself to attend is actually improving my sleep schedule? cannot remember the last time before this that i slept before 5am

howdy! just wanted to update a little on what’s been happening.

  • basically i’m still recovering from what i’m pretty sure was depression & another more harmful brain state :v other unfortunate stuff happened, but my irls are really helping me battle it out.

  • i am now moderately better and have been trying to keep up with hobbies like video games, going out with friends, and D&D 🤍 rest be assured i will stay in the mortal coil for the forseeable future!

  • “back” wouldn’t be a 100% correct term but you will hopefully hear from me at least semi-frequently :] hope all of you are alright, please update me on what you’ve been up to if you’d like 🫶🫶🫶

taking a hopefully short indefinite wasteof break; might also be less active on discord depending on school stuff. take care

the fact that it’s already march is a crime, actually

from a quick glance around the lecture hall during class:

  • 1 person is playing chess

  • i see at least 2 people doing computer science homework

  • surprisingly only 1 person shopping - i expected more

  • at least 5 people randomly scrolling through the lecture slides

  • 1 person who is asleep

  • 1 person with a black computer screen staring into space

more people than usual are on task today! but clearly i am not :P

happy leap day! one of my friends legally turns 5 years old today 🤩

love dressing up for class! i’m suffering; might as well suffer in style 🎀

slowly starting to amp up to cooking once a week 💪

sleeping in a hoodie is peak comfort