I'm up to a lot of stuff. Straight White Male. Pacific Time Zone

She said yes!!! I have a gf now ♥️♥️♥️ :)))

I think I'm going to ask her tomorrow :3

I was going to post Danny Devito heron but I have something else weighing on me before funny drawing

I have a good friend who I like and want to ask out/to be my gf but I'm worried about ruining our friendship, especially over summer. She's going to go to a different school after summer and then I have no idea what's going to happen :((( I don't know what to do

Guess who just got 384,000 gold pieces (in DnD)


I love science and free speech. I think this video, especially the last few minutes, say much better than I ever could how people who deny modern science make me feel. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

(You should also check out Infinite Rice Pudding by the same channel)

I get distracted on YouTube shorts all the time so I want to block it but I don’t want to block all of YouTube because I don’t get distracted by normal videos. Anyone know a way to block just the /shorts/* path? On Mac of course

My dream career is being an amber alert bounty hunter

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SCREW YOU (un-googles your drive)

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Helldivers who answer SOS calls are the kind of people who drop in, save you, carry you to the extraction, and sacrifice themselves holding off enemies (as a true hero would) without saying a single word 👑

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Sooner, I hope. They have started a pattern where they buy successful IPs and ruin them

posted this in tfh but i‘ll repost it here:

when do you guys reckon the walt disney company will cease to exist? 80 years from now?

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I stopped playing Spider-Man 2 because I beat a boss, phase 2, beat it, phase 3, ok whatever, beat it, phase 4??? Nah...

i hate it when ur playing a game and theres tons of cutscenes and you like just wanna skip them but u cant cuz theyre the tutorial and u dont understand anything theyre saying - they just go on and on and on for way too long about things you dont even need to know

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New ultrakill update

this is brutal :|

I feel like having a discussion about this rather than silence would be more productive, to whatever effect we can even have

so apparently there’s supposed to be a strike today, which includes not making normal posts, I don’t think that not posting on here will do much for anything considering how small it is and that it doesn’t make any money

I will however, remind everyone again that the situation in Gaza becomes more dire with each passing day, the occupation just recently destroyed the largest hospital in Gaza. Free Palestine.

Over 1.1 thousand views

Over 500 views now!!

Over 500 views now!!

"hi, what would you like to order?"

"Could I have a deep fried stick of butter, aaa... Buffalo chicken wrappuccino, decaf, and... A sour skittle drink?"

"sir, we serve food here..."

^ I love inside jokes

I will never let him live this down >:3

Was at a sleepover and my friend said in his sleep "I love skibidi toilet"

Is 🎩 a fancy version of 🧢?