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im sure a few people do worldbuilding or are interested in worldbuilding around here, if so, take a look at my instant grams: https://www.instagram.com/taelerum/

i post worldbuilding stuff there, heres a map i made recently:

this fr is an xbox360 ass social media 😢😔

xbox360 ass social media. we met. But if you arrive, you all right now, pretty often, and scratches are canonicaly he/they/it/bot)

blud fr stole @dertermenter’s post

Hey there, everyone! Owen here, ready to share a little story that's guaranteed to make you laugh. 😄

So, picture this: I'm sitting in my math exam, trying to solve those mind-boggling equations, when suddenly, I feel a rumble in my stomach. Uh-oh, not a good sign! But being the daredevil that I am, I thought I could hold it in. Boy, was I wrong!

As the minutes passed, my stomach growled louder than a hungry bear. I was in deep trouble. Panic started to set in, and I could swear the invigilators were giving me suspicious glances. But little did they know the epic battle happening inside me.

I desperately tried to focus on the exam, but the pressure was unbearable. I couldn't hold it any longer. In a moment of sheer clumsiness, I dropped my pen. And guess what? That was the tipping point!

In a disastrous turn of events, my bodily functions decided to go full blast. It was like a scene out of a comedy movie, but definitely not one you'd want to be in. My trousers and pants were no match for the force of nature happening down there.

The chaos that followed was something straight out of a wild dream. Shit went flying, desks were covered, and the horrified screams echoed through the exam hall. I may have unintentionally turned it into a real-life Jackson Pollock masterpiece. Oops!

My bathroom mishap during the exam led to unexpected consequences. Lesson learned: always be prepared. Embrace the absurdity and create unforgettable moments together! Stay awesome, my friends! 🤣✌

tried making a plane with one fan in totk and this happened


nice i got my discrim

how’s everyone in england doing

where i live its 22ºc at the moment im guessing its probably much hotter in england rn

musically i live under a rock

lmao i posted this from a nintendo switch

lmao i posted this from a nintendo switch

“escape the matrix” 🤓

braces update: i went to the orthodontist and got the.. idk what its called that stringy thing that goes around your teeth? yeah i got that replaced with a new one

i got braces

imagine vaping

what was the best totk dungeon?