Hey everyone, it's Owen. I wanted to open up and share something personal with all of you. Lately, I've been facing a difficult battle with my mental health. It's been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with highs and lows that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Some days, it feels like I'm trapped in a storm, constantly battling against the raging winds of anxiety and the heavy downpour of sadness.

It's not easy to admit that I'm struggling. I've always been the one to put on a smile, to radiate positivity and optimism. But behind that facade, there are moments when I feel lost, overwhelmed, and completely drained. It's as if my energy is slowly being sapped away, leaving me feeling hollow and detached.

I want you to know that I'm doing my best to take care of myself. I'm seeking professional help, reaching out to loved ones, and exploring different coping mechanisms. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion, and I'm learning to embrace the ups and downs with open arms.

But it's not just about me. It's about all of us. Mental health is a topic that should be spoken about openly and honestly. We all have our struggles, our inner battles that no one else can fully comprehend. And it's in these vulnerable moments that we need each other the most. We need understanding, empathy, and a safe space to share our experiences.

Thank you for your support. Let's continue this journey together, reminding each other we're never alone. ❤️


Hope you get better Oren

Thank you for your well wishes. I appreciate your support.