Humongous Shitposter who shits himself

I just shat myself in my maths exam

Basically we were sitting down doing maths and I, being a dumbass, didn't go to the toilet first, thinking I could hold it. However, when we got in the exam I realised I had deceived myself. My stomach started groaning insanely loudly after the first 10 minutes and I got really scared the invigilators would tell me off.

The previous day I had explosive diarrhea so I probably should have been more prepared but I wasn't. After about 45 minutes I couldn't even do the paper any more. I had to focus on not shitting myself - it felt like if I even budged over in my seat, the seal would break and it would come gushing out. It was horrible.

Eventually I literally couldn't hold it more. While desperately clasping the sides of the desk for support I accidentally dropped my pen. Shit. Dangerously, I leaned over to pick it up and that's when it happened. Diarhhea started exploding out my ass.

It came with such force that it BROKE THROUGH my trousers and pants and sprayed all over the desks behind me, drenching the 3 people behind me like some sort of shit shotgun. Of course by now the entire exam hall was screaming but I was just wimpering. People started throwing up, covering their exam papers with puke as well as the shit already there. I was on one of the back rows, so the shit silhouettes of the students covered in it were stained on the wall.

I got excluded and the students affected will get special considerations. My future is ruined.

Jun 16, 2023, 7:08 PM
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the fact that GCSEs are less than a month is really starting to stress me out. No matter how much work I do, I feel like I’m always underprepared.

Owen what packet are you on can you lend me some thanks

if you stare at a wall for over 3 seconds you start hearing it whisper scary things

Don’t shit yourself

Apr 2, 2024, 4:39 PM
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Hot take: Kanye West can do what the fuck he likes including discriminating people. After all, he made graduation.

Happy Easter lads! Get any cool eggs?

@leahcimto @dood @oren @portalpower @chiroyce hey guys I all appreciate you you’re all based and keep it up on here and on the external site


people are becoming upset with the state of wom

its time to flip everything around and bring back the positivity.

if you can, please make a positive post and try to include everyone

i’m not sure if there’s really much worth saying, other than i’m a little disappointed. i feel this way because it seems to be really easy nowadays to just start one right now, and then for it to end the very next day. wasteof.money started out as some teenager’s hobby project with an extremely small and niche circle around it, to becoming still a hobby project, but now with a somewhat medium-sized community for it. it was lighthearted and casual from the very beginning, and we seem to be slowly shifting away from that the bigger we get.

that scares me to an extent, because i don’t want this community to be hostile or toxic — even despite the somewhat recent announcement made in the discord about no causing harm to other sites, i still feel like similar behavior happens in places that are off-site and underground, and that’s another reason why i don’t want really ridiculous kerfuffles happening here. i’d much rather have them kept off-site entirely so wasteof.money can still be welcoming and inclusive to everyone, including those who require much more assistance than others for things that are simply out of their control entirely. i think it’s really apparent that we shouldn’t be mocking people advocating for that.

it also doesn’t help that i feel totally obligated to look over and moderate the whole thing, because someone could easily go too far with their colorful language. maybe i’m unnecessarily stressing out over this, but i don’t know. rant over.

wondering what to do/say about the recent kerfuffle happening on wasteof dot money

(by the way, sorry about the repost. i felt it was important to get the original post out there some more.)

Mar 23, 2024, 5:51 PM
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getting HYPED after hearing eminem is finally dropping a new album this year

All I see on Twitter is the England football shirt saga, where Nike changed the English flag on the back of the shirt to pink and blue.

Many people have been outraged over this as it’s woke due to the colours (when it’s not to support anyone it’s a reference to England’s 1966 World Cup winning training kit) whilst others are saying people are snowflakes and it’s “just a flag/piece of fabric”

Many have also complained that it is disrespectful to change a nations flag, which I completely agree with and is why I don’t like this change - flags are an identity to countries and shouldn’t be messed with.

As I’ve now confessed that I’m a sock-puppet account of Oren, I’m going to be abandoning this account and instead putting this persona account under a monthly fee which will cost $10 a month plus having to answer interrogating and uncomfortable questions. Fuck wasteof, the plan was to destroy but I crumbled under the pressure

Dear wasteof.money Community,

I must come forth with a confession that burdens my conscience. Recent events in our community, including what has been referred to as the "skibidi takeover," were orchestrated by me with a singular goal in mind: to prompt the moderation team to shut down the site, forcing us to step away from our screens and touch grass.

Through the creation of alt accounts and the fabrication of personas like "dertermenter" and "dood," I engineered a narrative designed to sow anger and escalate tensions. The character of "lily" was a pawn in this scheme, employed to worsen conflicts and drive the community towards chaos. I used supporting characters like “radi8”, “raery”, and “duolingo” to boost my plan.

However, despite my careful planning and manipulation, the desired outcome was not achieved. Instead of prompting a shutdown and a much-needed break from our digital realms, the result has been nothing short of a failure.

What's more, I regret to inform you that the repercussions of these events went beyond our virtual realm. Several users have confided in me that the heightened stress and anxiety caused by the turmoil within our community led to unfortunate accidents, including instances of individuals so consumed by the drama that they involuntarily soiled themselves during a math exam.

Going forward, I’m resolved to learn from this experience and seek alternative means to foster positive change within our community. Let us use this moment of reflection to reaffirm our commitment to empathy, understanding, and mutual respect


Oren “The Skibidi Rizzler” Lindsey

Mar 22, 2024, 5:01 PM
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ratio + i didn’t loose followers + i didn’t say that + actually explain your reasoning next time instead of throwing around accusations

translate to english: “i lost followers because i said i don’t like minorities again”

not everyone is going to have an 100% approval rate. Failing to engage with other users just due to a few differing opinions is stupid and not the way to go about life. Living in echo chambers isn’t the way

not everyone is going to have an 100% approval rate. Failing to engage with other users just due to a few differing opinions is stupid and not the way to go about life. Living in echo chambers isn’t the way


I said knock knock, let the devil in

Something happened IRL and I wanted to take a break from the Internet to clam myself down but honestly this is something I have to share with you guys.

Ratio is no longer with us and that ratio committed suicide. Ratio was someone that made me feel like I am worth being in this world and she helped me follow my dreams and to even help accomplish them. Even when ratio was not in her best mood she was still there for me and others and the impact she had will not be forgotten. The legacy she had on this site is something many will not forget and we will all know that her legacy will still live on even after her passing. We will all remember the impact ratio has made to this site knowing that her and many others helped change this site to what it is today. Many will know her as ratio but I will remember her as my big sister that was there for me and was the most caring person a person can ask for. May she rest in peace knowing she is in a better place now. I will miss her a lot but will always love her from my heart.

Ratio ❤ 2006-2024