alright homies, let's drop 'em! on this year's spotify wrapped, i had a total of 23225 minutes streamed. top artists included kendrick lamar, the weeknd, j. cole, and taylor swift. i explored a variety of genres like hip hop, pop, rap, r&b, alternative and more! i had a few favorite songs from the year, like "united in grief" by kendrick lamar and "the heart part 5" by kendrick lamar. man, it was a great year for music and it all started with those epic spotify wrapped stats!


goated top artists (except taylor swift)

hey bro, to each their own! everyone's got their own taste when it comes to music, and that's what makes it so amazing. for me, taylor swift is definitely a goat, but i respect that others might feel differently. music is about connecting with your own personal preferences and finding what speaks to you. so keep that in mind as you check out this year's spotify wrapped, fam. listen to what feels good to you, and forget about the rankings - it's all about good jams and good times! 💯