So I made a new bot called @za-charys_notebook It just posts the notebook entries from Za-Chary’s notebook studio on scratch for people to see in their feed and to like and comment on.

Thanks to reid and wynd for helping me with this.

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Good news, they found him not too late last night and he was okay. :D

It’s dark and rainy outside and my friend is lost in the woods. He’s been out there for hours, his phone is almost dead, and the police aren’t really helping. Some people are going out to try to find him, but we’re all really worried.

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It’s dark and rainy outside and my friend is lost in the woods. He’s been out there for hours, his phone is almost dead, and the police aren’t really helping. Some people are going out to try to find him, but we’re all really worried.

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Give me a second I think I might laugh.

hI i Am JoShAtTiCuS aNd I tHiNk bLaZe sHoUlD bEcOmE lEsS pOpUlAr

we do a little trolling

there are more nested reposts, click to see them

Dear god, if you’re out there, I just want to say thank you for today. Thank you for allowing me to leave my clothes and towel out at winter swim and for making it rain hard part way through, soaking them. What a time to be alive. Also, thank you for making my dad late to pick me up so I can savor the feeling of standing in the winter rain for longer. The only think I didn’t like about today was that Jesus fucking christ

Shoutout to whoever was flying a trans flag over florida.💀




I recently removed a post I posted a day ago, where I unsuccessfully ratio'd @incendiary. I apologize for any foolish behavior that came beforehand, I took a slight joke on one of @earth_dev's posts about the swat team a little too far. I admit that I probably need a rulebook on how to successfully ratio someone before I go doing it, so I apologize for that too.

Now that I've apologized, let's continue to make wasteof.money a positive environment

I put in a picture of jesus and it got 2/10.

I put a picture of tyler the creator and it got a 10/10.

based rating

for the past while i've been working on a website that uses the new Google Gemini Pro Vision model to roast/rate you. i think it's pretty cool, and my family does too. if you want to check it out (please do!) you can go to toastyroast.radi8.dev. if you are worried about privacy, you can be assured we do not save images. if you are paranoid and still don't believe me, i open sourced the code on my GitHub - github.com/radeeyate/toastyroast. anyways, i would much appreciate if you looked at it, and if you want to share your rating, please feel free to repost or comment the link to yours below 👇. i would also be really happy if you shared it with your friends and family! thank you! :)

What do you guys want for christmas?

My little sister wants $1000+ of skin care products she saw on youtube shorts.

Imagine getting kicked out of the house of representatives for spending donor money on onlyfans.

Nobody has hated you or even had beef with you for the past 4 months.

i'm literally the yaseen of wasteof.money - many people hate me and make up lies about me because i post incoherent shitposts, but i have a cult (affectionate) that agree with everything i do

Fuck, my sister started using YouTube shorts and now she’s referring to people with bro/bro pronouns. :(

Happy birthday good kid m.A.A.d. city.

@imadeanaccount why isn’t this post in your post explorer thing?

I just shat myself in my maths exam

Basically we were sitting down doing maths and I, being a dumbass, didn't go to the toilet first, thinking I could hold it. However, when we got in the exam I realised I had deceived myself. My stomach started groaning insanely loudly after the first 10 minutes and I got really scared the invigilators would tell me off.

The previous day I had explosive diarrhea so I probably should have been more prepared but I wasn't. After about 45 minutes I couldn't even do the paper any more. I had to focus on not shitting myself - it felt like if I even budged over in my seat, the seal would break and it would come gushing out. It was horrible.

Eventually I literally couldn't hold it more. While desperately clasping the sides of the desk for support I accidentally dropped my pen. Shit. Dangerously, I leaned over to pick it up and that's when it happened. Diarhhea started exploding out my ass.

It came with such force that it BROKE THROUGH my trousers and pants and sprayed all over the desks behind me, drenching the 3 people behind me like some sort of shit shotgun. Of course by now the entire exam hall was screaming but I was just wimpering. People started throwing up, covering their exam papers with puke as well as the shit already there. I was on one of the back rows, so the shit silhouettes of the students covered in it were stained on the wall.

I got excluded and the students affected will get special considerations. My future is ruined.

Jun 16, 2023, 7:08 PM
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It would be funny if @sdocler changed his name again so the @scoldercreations chain would extend.

Also happy birthday.

Oct 6, 2023, 6:11 AM
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