I did this again but with counties. This map includes the Great Lakes as coastline. The most landlocked counties in the country are Geary, Riley, and Clay counties in Kansas. From these, you must pass through at least 19 other counties to reach any ocean or the Great Lakes.

Apologies if you’re colorblind, this map is gonna be garbage especially if you can’t see green or blue.

US states by landlocked status

States are landlocked if they touch no coastlines, but if they touch only landlocked states, they are doubly landlocked. If touching only doubly landlocked states they are triply landlocked, and so on.

If we’re not counting the Great Lakes, Minnesota is the most landlocked state, being quadruply landlocked. You’d have to cross at least 4 states in any route you took to the ocean.

If we’re counting the Great Lakes as coastline, there’s only doubly landlocked states.

Worldwide, there are 44 landlocked countries, but only Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein are doubly landlocked.

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Due to how large the counties are in states nearer the West Coast, the most landlocked county is further east than the most landlocked state in the states map.