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Haiiiiiiiii :3 im Melody (i wonder how long it will take for someone to notice this change)

I like playing video games, I have a a hacked wii and 3Ds and a vanilla switch, if you want friend codes lmk. My favourite games are portal, splatoon and Pokémon

I’m also a “coder” who kinda understands what she’s doing.

the me????

  • i do the technology and hacking and shit (even though i could never hack anything myself without a guide)

  • cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I’m allergic)

  • kinda stupid

  • im girl

Contact me at:

My beta sidebar (rip beta)



Feb 20, 2023, 2:23 PM
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its fucken wimdy

I love how Celeste manages to put estrogen in the world.

we wouldn’t though. because capitalism.

If all the gold sitting in the oceans and seas were mined, every person on this plant would get about 20 kilograms of gold each.


wasteof should have cat ears

federated cat ears are peak science ~~nyatty

wasteof should have a nyanification filter

wasteof should have a nyanification filter

no, i don’t think they could

could wasteof handle yassie j i wonder

people are still dying horrifically in Gaza.

No, I won’t shut up about this, I haven’t said enough about it honestly.

This is against TOS. You’ve been reported.

I get that you’re excited to be here, but you gotta follow the rules. And this isn’t it. You’re not on Bluesky. We’re building a kind and safe community here. This kind of post isn’t the vibe we want.

The toddler doesn’t know how much more accepting of other people than adults are.

could wasteof handle yassie j i wonder

grand dad