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Haiiiiiiiii :3

I like playing video games, I have a a hacked wii and 3Ds and a vanilla switch, if you want friend codes lmk. My favourite games are portal, splatoon and Pokémon

I’m also a “coder” who kinda understands what she’s doing.

the me????

  • i like music (lemon demon and Toby fox are amazing)

  • i do the technology and hacking and crap(even though i could never hack anything myself without a guide)

  • cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I’m allergic)

  • blåhaj

  • im girl

Contact me at:

My beta sidebar (rip beta)



oh, my name? uhh still working on that

Feb 20, 2023, 2:23 PM
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3 days ago
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i made mattkc look at wasteof.money on stream

3 days ago
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someone register moneywaste.ing

3 days ago
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idea: catgirl hacking group

3 days ago
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looking at posts from baby me before i realised i was a girl are slightly painful but funny

3 days ago
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mrrp mrrp meow nya~

cant wait to make a sequel to my most commented post of 2023 (i look so gay rn): i look so girl rn

(i will need to obtain girl clothes however)

i think the whole multiverse concept is overused in media now :(

which is bad bc i really like it

wasteof: twitter, but you repalce all the conservatives with gay nerds and all the gay nerds with gayer nerdier gay nerds

i just saw an american complain that thier macdonalds oasis was flat im crying 😭


i would translate wasteof to mifernian, but i don’t know mifernian

does anyone ACTUALLY know mifernian‽

I would translate wasteof to Chinese, but the issue with that is I don’t know Chinese.