ok guys

20 likes and I’ll remix the entire album X&Y

My most streamed albums this year (so far):

  1. X&Y by Coldplay

  2. A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay

  3. Living in a Haze by Milky Chance

  4. Intense by Armin Van Buuren

  5. Ghost Stories by Coldplay

Lol i listen to coldplay a lot

Halfway there!!!

ok guys

20 likes and I’ll remix the entire album X&Y

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The Moon is coming soon.
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Linux, macOS, and non-CrowdStrike Windows users rn during the global IT outage

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ok guys

20 likes and I’ll remix the entire album X&Y

It’s so quiet on wasteof today

cringing while looking at my old scratch projects from 2021 like:

Accidentally said “i love my baes” instead of “i love my bass

Ok guys it’s check-in time. I did:

  • (1) 5k race this year (May) (i’m slacking)

    Hopefully I can make up for my milage for this upcoming XC season

  • Applied to 6 places (for a job) in June, got rejected by all but 1 🎉

    They wanted me so bad but apparently i live in a place where there’s a legal limit to how many 14-15 y/o’s a business can hire 😫

  • Finished the book of John (i didnt just speed through it, i did some studying). Currently on a mission to finish Proverbs and Romans

  • Saved $200/$1k so far 🤓

  • Got SoundCloud Next Pro!!! (3-hour upload limit, be gone)

  • Made it into my future high-school’s orchestra!

  • Did NOT do a live DJ performance yet 😒

In addition to that, I:

Started work on 3 albums simultaneously, accidentally started a small flame war between me @/oren and @/mef, attempted to start a record label, went to Indianapolis for a national orchestra festival, finished the design for TetraOS (github.com/TetraOS), among other things!

Happy New Years Day from the US! I hope you guys made some goals/resolutions for the new year. Here are some of mine:

  • Run a 5K (or more) every month

  • Get my first job (I am now of job age in my state)

  • Start reading the Bible more often

  • Save up to $1K by the end of the year

  • Get Soundcloud Next Pro

  • Make it into my (future) high school's orchestra (it's the best high-school orchestra in the state)

  • Do a live DJ performance

  • And more!

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I made a new track guys


I might make a club mix of this song in the near future because this song isn’t “housey” enough

We are living in a sci-fi novel and it's freaking me out

Aw man

No >:3

@earthdevs pls fix

why the hell do spiders seem to just spawn in the bathroom right when you try to take a shower

I fell asleep on my keyboard last night while working on a piano ballad 😅