nerd + beta tester + diminishposting + transgender (she/it, no they/them) + blåhaj enthusiast + chronical fed hater + therian θΔ + gnustep enjoyer + plural system + owl house brainrot haver

📌 pinned post time~! :3

hiiii! my name is lily, i'm a trans girl (paragirl therian enby thing?), i enjoy playing these games:

  • geometry dash

  • celeste

  • counter strike

  • half-life

  • garry's mod

i can also programme in these languages:

  • rust

  • c

  • java

  • typescript

  • scr*tch (censored cause cringe)

  • some more probably

more facts about me

  • i am pan

  • i like blåhaj

  • i like estrogen

  • i enjoy making me being trans my entire personality to pwn the transphobes

  • if i'm not doing that i'm probably exploiting some rare device from the early 00s

  • i have youtube

  • you can find a non exhaustive list of my shit along with some more information at https://tauon.dev

Jan 7, 2023, 10:28 PM
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i just realised that being able to jitter click 15ish cps made me good at stippling in art

Watch out, @jeffalo! The infamous griefer @beemovie is behind you!

amongus (amogus) SUSSY baka impostor amoguse

I make your feeds 100% funnier (with no added cringe)
Sep 30, 2021, 10:31 PM
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gonna make wasteof lite™

@jeffalo make it so i can use a <input type="datetime-local" /> to change when a post is posted pls

a way you could do it: make it so the post is posted at the time I selected, if that time hasn’t happened yet don’t show the post (so not to add dumb tables to the db)

someone explain why people put hyphen at the end of a sentence

making this thing called basedProductivity so that I don’t poo myself every time I need to use micro$oft office or g-apps


epoch moment

please read the privacy policy at wasteof.money/privacy

yeah legit 100%

am the official twitter


- more like -


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Sep 28, 2021, 11:10 AM
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there was this one guy who joined me in minecraft survival and started killing me and he said “YOURE DOG LMAO 1v1” so I 1v1’d him and I clapped him kekw

bad editor, use vi

Hello World!