nerd + beta tester + diminishposting + transgender (she/it, no they/them) + blåhaj enthusiast + chronical fed hater + therian θΔ + gnustep enjoyer + plural system + owl house brainrot haver

📌 pinned post time~! :3

hiiii! my name is lily, i'm a trans girl (paragirl therian enby thing?), i enjoy playing these games:

  • geometry dash

  • celeste

  • counter strike

  • half-life

  • garry's mod

i can also programme in these languages:

  • rust

  • c

  • java

  • typescript

  • scr*tch (censored cause cringe)

  • some more probably

more facts about me

  • i am pan

  • i like blåhaj

  • i like estrogen

  • i enjoy making me being trans my entire personality to pwn the transphobes

  • if i'm not doing that i'm probably exploiting some rare device from the early 00s

  • i have youtube

  • you can find a non exhaustive list of my shit along with some more information at https://tauon.dev

Jan 7, 2023, 10:28 PM
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@jeffalo bro what is this

10 3 17

can we all agree making a private community to chat shit about people while lying about it is absolutely shitty

new lily thing may drop stay tuned

the way people are obsessed w me on here 😭 like i never think about them until i’m reminded that they exist by my sudden stack of 50 notifications all because i posted, like “lesbians are cool”

digital circus is peak, i thought it’d be mid

actually stop it's not funny

this is mental btw

(alt text: i have 40 notifications)

the lack of reading comprehension on this website is dire

@jeffalo yo can you add a block button rq

this is mental btw

(alt text: i have 40 notifications)

“we should be able to ban furries!!!!!1!” wrong! kill the part of you that cringes

hot take: arguing with me is an ableist microagression because i’m autistic

I think we all (including myself) need to remind ourselves sometimes that this is just a tiny website and its mostly just here for fun.

its really sad to see how divided and angry the community has become. I get it that people will argue sometimes, and arguments may get a bit out of hand, and that happens. I think many of us who have been involved in these dramas or “kerfuffles” are guilty of this, even I am to a degree. And that’s ok, that happens, and we might like each other less in the end, and that’s ok too, you don’t have to like everyone, that would be basically impossible.

The problem is when you don’t move on. The problem is when an entire group of users tries to villainize a user or multiple users. I don’t want to feel like this website is going to turn into opposing factions that could explode at any second.

Maybe an issue is important to you, maybe you feel that the other person is objectively wrong, but 9 times out of 10 there is no way you’re gonna be able to change the other person’s mind. and if an argument is going nowhere or is pretty clear that its about to turn into a fight, back out, and move on.

Losing an argument doesn’t feel great, but feeling like you have enemies is even worse, sometimes its ok to agree to disagree and end it there.

chat do you say “i’ve been saying this”, or is this just slang in my friend group that i haven't realised isn't a well known phrase

who would win: 30 trolls or one autistic trans woman?