nerd + beta tester + diminishposting + transgender (she/it, no they/them) + blåhaj enthusiast + chronical fed hater + gnustep enjoyer

📌 pinned post time~! :3

hiiii! my name is lily, i'm a trans girl (paragirl therian enby thing?), i enjoy playing these games:

  • geometry dash

  • celeste

  • counter strike

  • half-life

  • garry's mod

i can also programme in these languages:

  • rust

  • c

  • java

  • typescript

  • scr*tch (censored cause cringe)

  • some more probably

more facts about me

  • i am pan

  • i like blåhaj

  • i like estrogen

  • i enjoy making me being trans my entire personality to pwn the transphobes

  • if i'm not doing that i'm probably exploiting some rare device from the early 00s

  • i have youtube

  • you can find a non exhaustive list of my shit along with some more information at https://tauon.dev

Jan 7, 2023, 10:28 PM
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hi can people stop complaining about repost chains please. it really bugs me, since it’s meta about people just having fun. there is, as far as i’m aware, no strain on the servers from doing it (i would imagine they’re simply a reference to the post, which is then dereferenced n times for the api representation). on the website, you have to explicitly click to reveal sub-posts, meaning it’s your fault if it gets large, and you can reload if it screws up your layout. as for wasteof for android, you can just Not Look At The Post. that’s an option. sure, it’s a little bit annoying to scroll past, but you are using a third party client (even if it’s labelled official), that isn’t developed by jeffalo. it’s also probably on micah’s to-do list. additionally, like tumblr, reposting is the only way to add a comment to something while making show as an original post. jeffalo could do like tumblr did and change the post to show on the same layer as the original post, meaning it doesn’t fuck up the layout the further in the post gets. then, there could just be a view more button like the current implementation.

Repost chains are actually getting out of hand. There should probably be restrictions that prevent chains from getting this big 🤔

Full Image: https://u.cubeupload.com/testaccount1234/ScreenShot20240221at.png

2 hours ago
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seeing wasteof users interacting with yassie from fedi is very unusual

12 hours ago
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lmao photomatt named his company automattic, self a- remembers what i named my site oh

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i wouldn't ban trans women from @lilypad for making fun of me (yes this is a photomatt subpost)

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2 days ago
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i’m unironically going to use gnustep as my de when i reinstall. i watched that nextstep video ages ago and thought “damn that seems really good” and i happened to recieve gnustep applications on my computer when i installed the objective-c compiler, so i tried a few and it’s absolutely amazing

2 days ago
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just wanted to remind the people here that children (and all the other kinds of people who deserve to live) are still being bombed and starved in Gaza

I know that this is mostly a site about things like programming or art or other generally casual topics, but I do feel like this isn’t being talked about enough on here, I haven’t seen anything about it in my feed for weeks, if not over a month

Please at least think and/or talk about this crisis, thank you

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due to a spam attack by japanese skids, the approximate user count of the fediverse shot up from roughly ten million to fifty million in a week

3 days ago
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i know a large percentage of my followers/wasteof community are software devs or are at least somewhat familiar with software, so it would be funny if i made federated wasteof clone and we all self hosted

there could be a fork of wasteof.mobile that supported servers, too

EDIT: and i’m expecting to see a lot of javascript repls and stuff. that would be cool! i would support that

Feb 17, 2024, 7:31 PM
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why is linus torvalds so based

it did it again, in another email, including setting my contact name (don't know the smtp term) to it, even though i specifically told it not to send me marketing emails

they called me by my deadname when i completed the order

i’m gonna buy eggbug from cohost

csgo surf is just our version of family guy n subway surfers

they called me by my deadname when i completed the order

i’m gonna buy eggbug from cohost

i’m gonna buy eggbug from cohost