nerd + beta tester + diminishposting + transgender (she/it, no they/them) + blåhaj enthusiast + chronical fed hater + therian θΔ + gnustep enjoyer + plural system + owl house brainrot haver

📌 pinned post time~! :3

hiiii! my name is lily, i'm a trans girl (paragirl therian enby thing?), i enjoy playing these games:

  • geometry dash

  • celeste

  • counter strike

  • half-life

  • garry's mod

i can also programme in these languages:

  • rust

  • c

  • java

  • typescript

  • scr*tch (censored cause cringe)

  • some more probably

more facts about me

  • i am pan

  • i like blåhaj

  • i like estrogen

  • i enjoy making me being trans my entire personality to pwn the transphobes

  • if i'm not doing that i'm probably exploiting some rare device from the early 00s

  • i have youtube

  • you can find a non exhaustive list of my shit along with some more information at https://tauon.dev

Jan 7, 2023, 10:28 PM
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heroicons kinda based ngl

I want to make it so if I ever make a wasteof iOS app (which I most likely will, just not soon (eta son???)) if it detects jailbreak it somehow gives you a jailbroken phone badge, but with simple wireshark you could just find the endpoint for it so that’s useless

scout this is based

@everyone repost this

yeah that's what I'm talking about

so true

wow these rewasteofmoneys are pretty chill and poggers

I AM GENIUS I EDITED A POST LESGO (and you can publicly see the history)
i wonder what i added in the latest update...
Sep 27, 2021, 7:12 PM
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Sep 27, 2021, 9:25 PM
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guys don’t smoke or you won’t be a epic yeet fortnite gamer any more

me when I go toilet

project idea I’m gonna do: gitblocks: host a modified snap build where it’s like git so it prepares kids for the real world but it’s still really simple

I like jeffalo’s upside down button

i pushed some changes recently,

- you can now repost without a message

- bugfixes with loading posts and comments

- warning when visiting a banned user's profile (is this too "loud"?)

- administration tools

@god go onto any GitHub repo and press the dot key

@jeffalo the “…” buttons overlap the navbar

I wonder if I’m the only one on Wasteof who has a compose key

redirecting everyone’s attention to this post I forgot about that’s really cool

am i allowed to say words like fuck and bitch