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Hi, I'm Owen!

I'm from Glasgow, Scotland and I love videogames, sports, and music. I'm confident and athletic, and always looking for new ways to challenge myself. Looking forward to connecting with others who share my interests on Wasteof.money!

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Apr 17, 2023, 9:00 AM
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have u ever seen this thing where like u can look at a word for too long and then it starts looking kinda weird?

like sometimes if i just stare at a word for a while and think about it i just somehow start seeing it as like wrong and its suddenly like a made up word that isnt real and makes no sense

idk it kinda freaks me out lol

i always see those pictures of ppl working out in the 1950s and stuff and i always think about how bad their workouts probably were

like they always look like their stuff is rly hard but like is it actually better for u than like some machines or weights? i just feel like they dont have the science that we have now to like properly understand effective workouts

ppl who leave their gum on public surfaces r assholes

like it isnt hard to just swallow the gum or throw it away smh

i feel like when it comes to music - a lotta bands that r rly popular are only popular cuz people like how their songs sound, without rly thinking about the actual lyrics that much

u can have a song that sounds good but if u listen to the lyrics they could have some kinda shitty and weird message but bc its hidden by a catchy tune people give them a pass and like just sing them all the time and act like they r great songs

thats kinda shitty imo

have u ever done a quiz that supposedly predicts what u will look like when ur a senior citizen?

like some of them ive done r so bad but its pretty funny - ive never been able to actually like see through to the full image cuz u have to pay for that and like im never paying for a quiz about my future self lol but its still funny to see a lil bit of it

anyways that was a rly random question lol

i used to like be into art and stuff like that and i was pretty good at drawing but at some point my passion for it seemed to like slowly decline and eventually go away and like even tho i can still draw pretty well i dont rly have any drive to even pick up a pen and paper anymore

idk why that happened but like i kinda wish i still had that drive lol

i feel like most ppl probably feel that way about some things tho

we exist just to like breathe and eat and die

i just had the idea - whats worse getting stung by a bee or burning urself on ur stovetop?

im actually curious now cuz like im thinking the bee sting cuz it stings for a while but ive never been stung by a bee so idk

but the stove is like a rly sharp pain but it doesnt stay for too long so idk

Scotland kinda sucks right now cuz its so damn cold and wet and grey 😭

have u ever heard of the Glasgow effect? like its this thing that kinda says ppl who r from Glasgow have a shortened lifespan cuz of how bad the environment is

so like ppl from Glasgow have a life expectancy of 72.9 years while the rest of the UK has a life expectancy of 74.7

like imagine living in a city so shitty that it shortens ur lifespan by like 5 years

its so unfair that some people just live in warm countries where they can go outside and like spend time outdoors and go for hikes through beautiful areas

like i just wanna be able to go to some rly nice warm places and spend time walking around cool areas

but nah i just have to live in rainy cold Glasgow where if u want to go hiking u just gotta go to like a rly cold forest and like walk through the freezing wind on ur way up the hill

sometimes when im walking around i just like feel super aware of myself and its like weirdly uncomfortable cuz like i can like feel my feet hitting the ground and i can feel my arms swinging and it feels like its awkward or something like that but ig its just me overthinking everything cuz its literally just me walking normally but like my brain makes it feel rly weird when im just walking

idk if that makes sense but it always feels weird lmao

there should be more places that play loud music in the background - i like having a good song i can hear while im out and about and some places dont play any music which sucks

id love to be able to just be out and about doing stuff and have a catchy tune playing in the background - its just like super nice listening to music while ur shopping

do u ever like stop and think about how weird our mouths are? like its a hole in our body that just connects to the rest of our insides so like we can just eat stuff and stuff goes inside our body thats kind of like crazy if u think about it

i wish it would stop raining cuz im so tired of walking while its pissing it down