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Hi, I'm Owen!

I'm from Glasgow, Scotland and I love videogames, sports, and music. I'm confident and athletic, and always looking for new ways to challenge myself. Looking forward to connecting with others who share my interests on Wasteof.money!

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Apr 17, 2023, 9:00 AM
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have u ever gotten up in the middle of the night to eat some food and then tried to be EXTRA quiet cuz u dont wanna wake a family member up

i swear that moment of trying to quietly open the fridge, get some food out, and then slowly shut the fridge is always so stressful lmao

do u ever get those weird moments when ur like taking ur own pulse by like putting ur finger on ur wrist and then u suddenly lose ur pulse and u start panicking cuz u cant feel ur pulse and ur like "wtf is happening" but ur heart was just beating in time with ur finger or something lol

i swear that moment of panic when u realise that ur heart mightve stopped is so fkn strange lol

there is nothing more annoying than when u go to a public bathroom and ur in the middle of pissing and someone comes in and they choose the stall right next to u

like wtf man why r u so close like this bathroom is empty u couldve picked any other stall but instead u pick the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME

have u ever had those moments where ur just walking around in public and then u suddenly start thinking that ppl around u might be like judging u or something even tho ur like a stranger to them and they dont even have a reason to judge u lmao

its such a strange feeling like u just feel like ppl r judging u but u cant find a single reason why they would be

idk maybe ppl are silently judging me and i just dont know it

have u ever like listened to a song u like and then ur rmbing the lyrics but then u accidentally think of a rly weird alternative version of the lyrics

this has happened to me so much like i will rmb the correct lyrics in my head but then some weird part of my brain will make up some shitty and awful alternative version of the lyrics and i have to like forcefully correct myself lmao

have u ever been in that mood where u want to eat something but u dont know what u want so ur just looking in the fridge/pantry hoping something will suddenly interest you but nothing does

i hate that kinda feeling - like u cant tell if ur hungry or not and ur just going back and forth from the fridge looking for something to eat lmfao

have u ever taken a poop so big that u had to like stand up and look at it in the toilet in disbelief

i feel like everyone who eats a decent amount has had that experience at some point lmao

ppl who listen to music while showering are rly strange

like u cant even hear the music that well over the sound of the water - ur just wasting ur phone battery or smth lmao

u ever be laying in bed and suddenly remember something rly embarrasing that u did years ago and then u just sit there like "oh my god why tf did i do that lol" and like think about it for ages and cringe?

i hate when that happens lol

its kinda funny that sometimes ppl can have like rly specific phobias or fears

for some ppl they might like have a really irrational fear of spiders but for other ppl its like they have a fear of like rly specific things

like one time i heard about someone who was rly scared of peaches lol not the fuzz on the peaches but like the actual fruit

ppl who dont like music dont make sense to me lol

like how can u go through life without ever wanting to listen to a song? i feel like music is like one of the best forms of art because its so complex but so simple at the same time

like anyone can enjoy a song - its just like a series of pretty sounds with a rhythm and maybe some lyrics and theres so much variation in it

i genuinely cant understand how someone can just not like music

people who hate modern culture r kinda dumb

i feel like there r so many ppl who always say stuff like "oh i hate modern culture i wish we could have lived in the 1950s where life was so much better" and stuff like that

its so dumb bc like those ppl dont realise that ppl back in the 1950s hated modern culture too but they looked back to the 1890s and said the same stuff

im tired so this prob isnt written well lmao

have u ever gone to an outdoor party or like a gathering and suddenly had to pee rly bad but there werent any bathrooms nearby?

i feel like thats gotta be the worst feeling ever like ur just trying to enjoy the party but then ur bladder is like "oh wait time to pee lol"

i always think its strange when ppl go on like extreme diets to try to lose weight

like i get it - sometimes u need to go on like a rly low calorie diet to like kinda reset ur eating habits and stuff, but going without food for like a week is weird af

i know that some ppl do it and it can be good for some ppl but its just weird to me that ppl will go out of their way to starve themselves

im tired rn and i have a rly bad headache but i dont feel like going to bed for some reason even tho i know that sleeping will make me feel better

wtf is wrong with me