organ that makes among us noises

indiana jones

my house is full of traps


daily reminder that “ONE WAY ONLY” signs are free to take

Repost this until it says the thing

we do a little trolling

there are more nested reposts, click to see them

mfw even paramount is supporting a genocide

guess ill pirate sonic 3 then

Are you sure you want to?
Yes                   No

reposting when I get a tungsten cube

amateur ive uploaded 35

I was on the local universe with two stars in the US is so good

I've uploaded 25 Mario Maker levels, which is "clearly better" than the character limit.

thinking bout Town Hall 13

im having a banban day

january got that L skibidi rizz with no dukedennis fanum tax

January has been the most L month so far. After the hype of the new year, I’ve been super lazy, it’s been freezing (so running is miserable), my room is an absolute mess, and I’ve just been down in general.

Time to start fixing it.

It's pretty big, isn't it?