Week 6/52

I’ve been realizing that some of these goals are not necessarily good. For example, running a race every month isn’t always good (it’s better to have 2 big peaks in the spring and fall). But, I’m still going to try for these. They’re not necessarily bad.

  • 2. I ran 33 miles this week, I’m trying to boost my mileage. I’m still below what I need to be at in total (143 miles right now) but I can easily catch up.

  • 5. My dad got the apple developer account 🎉 so I just need to clean up the app and release a beta.

  • 10. I’m realizing how much I hate driving. I might make a separate post about this later, but i’ve made a ton of posts today. Anyways, I did no driving this week. I just really hate doing it.

Happy New Year everyone!

I spend too much time on wasteof. But of all the places on the internet, this is the only one that is worth coming back to multiple times a day.

Now, I present my goals for 2024. The goals are all specific and quantifiable, so I can measure if I complete them. Here they are:

  1. Run a 5k in under 20 mins by March, under 18 mins by August, and under 16 mins by November

  2. Run over 1500 miles in total

  3. Run a race every month - except January because I can’t find a single convenient race that month.

  4. Finish school early - I’m on track to finish 1-2 weeks early, so I want to keep, if not improve, that lead

  5. Bring the wasteof iOS app to feature parity with wasteof2 by July, and to parity with wasteof4 by November

  6. Do some other big coding project

  7. Read the book of John, taking it slowly through the book - Goal is 3-4 verses per day, John has 879 verses so it should take up the majority of the year

  8. Become (at least) friends with my crush. “Becoming friends” is defined as getting her phone number. I won’t see her until August, though and I barely know her. And I’m the most awkward person ever. We’ll see.

  9. Buy an iPhone 16 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 10 when they come out.

  10. Get a driver’s license by August - I need 60 hours of driving practice in total, I have about 10 so far. I haven’t been trying though.

  11. Get a job.

  12. Repost this weekly with progress updates on what I’ve done to keep myself accountable.

2023 was the greatest year of my life. 2024 will be even better. Let’s get it.

Jan 1, 2024, 12:14 AM
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These goals may not be perfect (definitely aren’t; perfection doesn’t exist), but you should still see them through. Sticking to plan for a whole year on these is an incredible exercise of discipline that will serve you better than another year of plotting on the best way to spend your time.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking