Happy New Year everyone!

I spend too much time on wasteof. But of all the places on the internet, this is the only one that is worth coming back to multiple times a day.

Now, I present my goals for 2024. The goals are all specific and quantifiable, so I can measure if I complete them. Here they are:

  1. Run a 5k in under 20 mins by March, under 18 mins by August, and under 16 mins by November

  2. Run over 1500 miles in total

  3. Run a race every month - except January because I can’t find a single convenient race that month.

  4. Finish school early - I’m on track to finish 1-2 weeks early, so I want to keep, if not improve, that lead

  5. Bring the wasteof iOS app to feature parity with wasteof2 by July, and to parity with wasteof4 by November

  6. Do some other big coding project

  7. Read the book of John, taking it slowly through the book - Goal is 3-4 verses per day, John has 879 verses so it should take up the majority of the year

  8. Become (at least) friends with my crush. “Becoming friends” is defined as getting her phone number. I won’t see her until August, though and I barely know her. And I’m the most awkward person ever. We’ll see.

  9. Buy an iPhone 16 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 10 when they come out.

  10. Get a driver’s license by August - I need 60 hours of driving practice in total, I have about 10 so far. I haven’t been trying though.

  11. Get a job.

  12. Repost this weekly with progress updates on what I’ve done to keep myself accountable.

2023 was the greatest year of my life. 2024 will be even better. Let’s get it.

Jan 1, 2024, 12:14 AM
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U read only 4 verses a day? Id recomend atleast a chapter per day

I mean.. There’s not really a “better” or “worse” way to read the Bible, there’s certain things you can do that are good practices but you can get just as much from 4 verses as from a chapter if you try. For example, my pastor of 20 years spent 6 months just in Psalm 23.

Obviously, you’re not just reading the text at that point, you have to do word studies, cross-references, read other people’s opinions on it, etc

I read the entire Bible after each meal of the day.

Keep up the fast reading 😂

4 verses is good for meditating on the meanings of those verses, imo

best of luck!

Getting your driving license is always cool, hope you succeed with the rest of your goals as well


ay man if you ever need rizz tips just let me kno aight ye hmu aight

Aight lol

Doing an under 16 5K is really unrealistic and isn’t happening mate - it’s way harder knock down the minutes when you’re quick, and that is really quick. Way too quick.

Yeah, maybe. But I’d rather aim high.

no, that expectation is completley unrealistic and honestly laughable, there is no way you are getting an under 16 5K, I think under 18 is too optimistic aswell but that should be the “aim high” goal.

Every single one of my 5Ks so far (except one) has been a PR by about a minute and a half.

I doubt I’ll keep that rate up, but if you do the math, even just a 25 second PR (that’s still not easy) at each race this year will get me below 16 minutes. The question now is how to get a 25 second PR each time.

my guy, when you get quicker, it becomes way harder to keep coming quicker. Trust me, you will stall at one point when you hit your peak, and that will be before under 16. This is a goal that isn’t realistic and I would just like if you understand that.

I understand but I’m going to try to get there.

Ight buddy just bc ur bad doesnt me he has to be

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you got this


I love your goals! I'm currently studying the book of John as well with a bible study group, it's an interesting one to dig into

I should get into it, as well as Romans

Romans is an amazing book. Chapter 8 is one of my favorite Bible chapters ever.

I’ve also started to chunk through Proverbs as well. Interesting book

these are some ambitious goals

If you can stick to ‘em, you’ll be unstoppable

For sure stick to the progress updates for accountability

Thanks man, I really appreciate the encouragement