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Jun 10, 2022, 11:44 AM
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If I were to somehow get ahold of a copy of Rhythm Doctor and modded in a new chapter of custom levels, these are the songs that I would consider using:

  • LH-1: Everything Black by Unlike Pluto

    Rivulet Otter - Prolonged exposure to subzero temperatures has afflicted this slug-cat hybrid patient with chronic bouts of offbeat arrhythmia.

  • LH-2: For Me by Throttle

    Analdis - N/A

  • LH-2N: Final Hope from ADOFAI

    Analdis - Complications suffered as a result of previous tachycardial treatments have amplified the patient’s heartbeat to a dangerously high rate.

  • LH-3: Peer Gynt by cYsmix

    Monk, Artificer - N/A

  • LH-X: No Hints Here! [EX] from ADOFAI

    Rivulet Otter - An unexpected uptick in the patient’s beat rate has been detected. The patient had already been discharged and could not be contacted, leaving them at an elevated risk for cardiac arrest.

  • LH-XN: No Hints Here! [Original] from ADOFAI

    Rivulet Otter - same description as day shift

The act ends with Rivulet catching the virus from somewhere in Middlesea, being discharged without it being detected, and returning to their globetrotting activities. Still, Rivulet’s metabolism isn’t very strong, so the virus wouldn’t be as much of a problem to them as the slugcats they’re spreading it to. I'm not very good at writing these descriptions . . .

3 days ago
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ENTRY F - Who Are They?

I had a dream in which I was scrolling through another long cluster of posts from Nihilev, checked his profile, and discovered evidence that Mef and Silly weren't just online friends, but were siblings and lived together. This was revealed by Nihilev mentioning Ninja in his overhead bio. (In hindsight, this would tie him to Penguin, but nothing about dreams makes sense.) I considered tactics to find out for sure who he was living with, including baiting him into Shellfish and using the YourYou'reYouAreUR database to identify him.

Later in the dream, I had somehow gotten ahold of an Apple Vision Pro, and was configuring settings on it from my iPad. There was a section of weird 'screensavers' featuring some sort of mouse in a balancing situation. I tried running Minecraft. When I launched it, it displayed a video that looked like something out of an advertisement with no product, which seemed fine and dandy normal intended behavior to me. I pulled up the window-bottom controls, which only showed two controls for closing the window. I had fun with the eye tracking and wiggled my gaze between the two buttons, watching the highlighting. Minecraft eventually launched for real, but I got a notice from Screen Time. When I realized that ALL of my devices had Screen Time enabled on them, I freaked out and the dream ended.

Apr 10, 2024, 8:32 AM
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I wonder how far neural engineering has come. From what I’ve read, it’s as simple as carefully watching what goes in, observing which neurons activate, and using it to reconstruct any kind of perception. I’ve read that, even though it’s likely decades away, it may be possible to tap into the ‘video feed’ of a dream. And this is all from a book written in 2018 . . .

While I would love to know of technological means to force a vivid dream of a certain topic, there is certainly a natural purpose to dreams. Treating a lapse of subconsciousness like an untethered brainstorming session might be a dangerous venture.

Here's an excerpt of my journal, from earlier this year:

ENTRY 3.7.E.3 - Rivulet, Caught On Overseer!

While reading through my pearl data archives, my attention snagged on this particular one. The pearl is described by Moon as- *reads more* -containing an image of a blue slugcat. We can all name one blue slugcat, and only one. In a Garbage Wastes broadcast, Pleading Intellect sends a picture of "one of those resourceful, wandering ones that go in pipes" to Wandering Omen. Seeing the pieces coming together?

CONCLUSION: Rivulet must be quite the wanderer if one of Pleading Intellect's overseers got a picture of them!

Last night, my dad completed TLoZ:TotK. In my dreams, they seemingly mixed with the art from Mef to make THIS . . .



Icelandic Water Dragon: “Ooookay . . . seems reasonable to me.”

So it’s been two days since The Watcher was announced, and nobody has confessed that it was an AF joke. The wiki contributors are taking it seriously, and I’m pretty sure that putting up a Steam store item for something that wasn’t ever intended to be created is legally dicey. So here’s what I have to say on it:

(Content warning: direct information on the ending of Gourmand’s campaign & minor details from Spearmaster’s campaign; general Downpour spoilers - open edit history to read)

Apr 4, 2024, 12:18 AM
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Maybe you don’t realize, but plants need their sleep too.

Those eyesores are so bright at night that they’re keeping the veggies awake! It’s a real problem for the crops!

-Reede, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

I watched a few specific segments of Ice Age: Collision Course and ended up discovering a new runic language! I have recorded, salvaged and reconstructed two phrases, enough to confirm that there is structure to it.

Icelandic Water Dragon: *reads an FAQ*

Icelandic Waters: “The prying ears of children are currently plugged. And are listening to jazz.”

If files from an external storage medium do not load at all, please check that the storage device is still attached. You might have removed it to test it you could make your file manager keep playing media with the device removed.

True story.

I just finished archiving my most recent notebook, aptly named “Landon's Book of Interdimensional Horriors”. Here's the outline for a story that I uncovered:

The Mineral Fish Concept:
Good Eggs, Bad Apples

Diamond Fish watches the evening news

Newscasters (?) announce that Apple Fish is out sick
(slightly rotting)

Kumquats kifernize Apple Fish at 3 am that night

Apple Fish's disappearance makes the headlines on the
morning news

The MJC* holds a private (but not secret) meeting to
discuss the event and decide if action needs to be taken

The kumquats anbush the meeting and kiferize everyone in
the room - including the 12 MEC† members...

* Mifernian Judicial Committee, the Judicial branch of the goverment
† Mifernian Executive Committe, the Executive branch

I feel like I've already shared this story, but . . .

More Rain World levels made for fun:

(I uploaded the wrong images…)

Mar 17, 2024, 8:36 PM
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Although my copy of Rain World isn’t on Steam, I made this level for fun:


I have completed Saint’s campaign. The numbers:

Food: 142
Successful cycles: 35
Deaths: 65
Quits: 1
Time: 02:52:39

The Survivor 
The Pilgrim

One Monster Kelp killed

Ranking: 387