📌 pinned post time~! :3

hiiii! my name is lily, i'm a trans girl (paragirl therian enby thing?), i enjoy playing these games:

  • geometry dash

  • celeste

  • counter strike

  • half-life

  • garry's mod

i can also programme in these languages:

  • rust

  • c

  • java

  • typescript

  • scr*tch (censored cause cringe)

  • some more probably

more facts about me

  • i am pan

  • i like blåhaj

  • i like estrogen

  • i enjoy making me being trans my entire personality to pwn the transphobes

  • if i'm not doing that i'm probably exploiting some rare device from the early 00s

  • i have youtube

  • you can find a non exhaustive list of my shit along with some more information at https://tauon.dev

Jan 7, 2023, 10:28 PM
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kotlin opinion

your website’s css is so nostalgic

hey sis! I dont have celeste yet but I want to (what would you rate it out of 10?) also half life and gmod are amazing game <3

9, -1 because it's frustratingly hard

scratch isn’t cringe. the u-word is.

what is the u word

the w sandwitched with u. i am not saying that word in the nearest 5000 years.

what, you mean uwu? that’s not cringe at all -w-

wait you quitting testosterone?

I guess estrogen is better for you

obviously yeah

so i notice that you haven’t listed factor

nice geometry dash :D

hardest check

acropolis by zobros (insane demon) i hate the level so much

geometry dash w

hardest check

i’m actually bad at the game, i just like making hard levels

username: LolzTheGreat

hardest is The Nightmare but i’m working on my 3rd demon (NeXus), at 46% so far

my hardest is also the nightmare but i’m trying to do nine circles

I also like playing geometry dash !

hardest check

very cool :D

i have a question. A trans girl is:

a boy turned into a girl

a girl turned into a boy

sorry i need to learn this stuff

boy turned into a girl

Just use the Wasteof3 profile features

wasteof2 has joined the chat

you can’t see those on prod

Don't build for the legacy platform. Prod will soon be gone.

soon = eta half-life 3

this post aged well :P