New music video “Joshua Tree” on YouTube now:

Check it out!


def worth the wait

I do my best to make it so

sick video, the beginning of the video seems a bit too compressed weirdly but its all perfect from 0:15 onwards

thank you!

maybe YouTube was still loading or something? I don’t know. We shot this on various phones. I was never too worried about the image quality

huh yeah its mostly alright now lol mb

any story behind the lyrics/why the specific location?

I was living on a bus in LA with my buddies Yams and Matt at the time. Yams’s family got an Airbnb just outside Joshua Tree National Park for the week preceding Thanksgiving. Yams and I spent the week out there with them.

I’m still irked that I don’t have ANY footage from within that Airbnb

Dang nice!

really amazing song and video!! :D

you flatter me

The desert has an amazing power to inspire. I love this song

thanks, Oren. I appreciate your support

watching this after i get out of class! bet its good B)

thank God for you, Ally

🔁 :P

video did not disappoint!! lookin gooddddd