Something happened IRL and I wanted to take a break from the Internet to clam myself down but honestly this is something I have to share with you guys.

Ratio is no longer with us and that ratio committed suicide. Ratio was someone that made me feel like I am worth being in this world and she helped me follow my dreams and to even help accomplish them. Even when ratio was not in her best mood she was still there for me and others and the impact she had will not be forgotten. The legacy she had on this site is something many will not forget and we will all know that her legacy will still live on even after her passing. We will all remember the impact ratio has made to this site knowing that her and many others helped change this site to what it is today. Many will know her as ratio but I will remember her as my big sister that was there for me and was the most caring person a person can ask for. May she rest in peace knowing she is in a better place now. I will miss her a lot but will always love her from my heart.

Ratio ❤ 2006-2024


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I found out about this just now. I never knew ratio personally (they happened to follow me one day), but I share my condolences to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing them.

Todos te vamos a extrañar, Ratio

Rest in peace, Ratio.

Mes sincères condoléances.

I hope she finds peace.

my condolences

I realized I never commented here, I just want to say that Ratio was a really cool person. She will be missed ❤️

Oh my. We are so sorry to hear that. She will truly be missed. Our condolences go out to you.

I’m in deep shock… I-I don’t know what to say… 😢

I am very sorry for your loss. Truly a devastating event, and one hard to go through. Suicide of a loved one is always hard, and I know from experience. I know how it feels to watch someone die while you hold them, or watch their brains splatter against a wall. It is a truly heartbreaking thing, and I hope you can find enough energy to keep going. Rest in peace, Ratio. And though I never knew Ratio personally, I wish I had an opportunity to, because they sounded like a wonderful person. I will try my best to remember Ratio, because even when people die, they still deserve to live through other people’s memories and experiences.

Okay so I know this is hard on the entire community right now but maybe could you not go into detail about "watching someone's brain splatter against a wall"

this is the top trending post this whole month

that means people care


I only interacted with her on here I think once, but she was one of the only people where I read through all of her posts, wall included, and she seems like she was a wonderful person. I can confidently say that all of wasteof will miss her. My condolences always.


rest in peace 😭

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