a lot of the posts i've seen lately here have been very deflating. personally, i like wasteof because it is a nicer place than every other social media i use. it sorta feels like a weird and wacky group chat. it still is to me. there's a lot of people here who i think are cool and talented, i hope we continue to see folks like that around these parts. i've talked about it in the past but all these aimless arguments is just what twitter is 24/7, screaming that results in nothing tangible. i'm optimistic things can settle, i'll contribute to that goal myself by posting more of my silly little designs and what not.


Everyone needs to just stop engaging and it will stop. Stop adding fuel to the fire. Even if you feel like your comment is helpful, even if you’re right! - just don’t. Don’t even. Don’t comment if a post makes you mad. Just leave it.

Yeah, I wanted to be the one to make this post but thinking that finally a kerfuffle would end within the day and then seeing what happened the day after just completely demoralized me and made me think that maybe nobody else wanted it to end

fr ):

stay silly and we can keep this place silly