I have the strange feral creature disease (not rabies)



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age: [ageRanges.highschool.upperClass]
pronouns: he(/it ?)
sexuality: [idk probably not completely straight tho]
internal identity is a mess and a significant part of it is not human

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NEUROS_POSITIVE_CONNECTION: [Dragons and Creatures (to a concerning degree), Rain World, Programming, Electronic music]
NEUROS_CHARACTERISTICS_IDENTIFIERS: [Abnormal, Existential, A bit silly, Logical, Feral]
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Jun 3, 2023, 5:22 PM
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why did the random screeshot Monster Hunter took go so hard, like, that is literally such impeccably perfect timing

1 hour ago
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why is it that whenever somethings called a speed-painting/modeling etc. its something that would take me (and likely most people) a year to make

[ https://www.tumblr.com/isvoc/748037514822074368/here-i-lie-forgotten-speedpainting-for-vraeryn the speedpaint in question ]

I find it funny how Helldivers 2’s monetization was actually too generous and people figured out how to cheese the game to get hundreds of even a thousand super credits an hour, for context, the devs said that you should normally be able to earn 10-40 SCs an hour.

This is definitely not the worst problem to have, and I’d honestly be happy if they patch this, the grinding method seems tedious and boring compared to just earning them organically through playing the game.

I am not in any way for stupid microtransactions btw, but Helldivers 2’s system seems genuinely balanced and the monetization feels very optional, plus the devs deserve it for making such a banger.

feel free to share your own opinions on this though

2 days ago
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so apparently there’s supposed to be a strike today, which includes not making normal posts, I don’t think that not posting on here will do much for anything considering how small it is and that it doesn’t make any money

I will however, remind everyone again that the situation in Gaza becomes more dire with each passing day, the occupation just recently destroyed the largest hospital in Gaza. Free Palestine.

2 days ago
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so uhhh, apparently there is an actual way to make a clipping area, I just didn’t see it and apparently stack overflow didn’t either, my way still works but its definitely a bit more convoluted

https://editor.p5js.org/7vector/sketches/XMUXKhepR behold, a demonstration of my power

I’ve figured out how to make clipping masks in p5.js

3 days ago
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3 days ago
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3 days ago
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https://editor.p5js.org/7vector/sketches/XMUXKhepR behold, a demonstration of my power

I’ve figured out how to make clipping masks in p5.js

3 days ago
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3 days ago
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Might get into factorio ngl

3 days ago
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I’ve figured out how to make clipping masks in p5.js

3 days ago
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hypothetical: How would you feel if you were only allowed to eat airplane food for the rest of your life? (its nearly as accessible as normal food, and you aren’t restricted to economy class food)

I was gonna make a post saying why gen z random stupid humor is better than gen alpha random stupid humor, but I realized that there was no actual argument to why its better other than the fact that I find the children annoying.

Apr 12, 2024, 9:28 PM
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Not answering the question, but top hats should have never gone out of style.

Is 🎩 a fancy version of 🧢?

hehe auto cannon go POW

hehe laser cannon go BRRR

cool photos

you said that if this reached 3 reposts you would do anything we want and this is the 3rd repost

I want you to bite someone.

nyc photography attempts:

if this gets over 10 likes or 3 reposts then i will do anything you guys want


@mef said “I want you to bite someone.”

okay! why else do we have siblings?! (i’m the youngest out of 4 brothers)

i bit not one, but all three of my older brothers!!

they were like wtf and then slapped/punched/tackled me.

so yeah i’m not doing that again because the icu costs a lot in the u.s.

@minikiwigeek2 said “take a picture of the unisphere”

i’m not going over to take another photo but i’ll upload one here that i took a few years ago soon.

don’t worry everyone’s requests will be answered!!!

Apr 7, 2024, 6:45 PM
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imma go re-read WoF arc 2, be back when the brain rot kicks in

there are brain chemicals in my brain