@misapuding made anew

happy swissday :>

i’m now swiss :3


why Switzerland tho?

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If you didn’t catch it…. Minecraft just dropped 1.21

Here’s a brief rundown of what they added:

  1. Tricky Trials A twisted path of dungeons, home to the new breeze mob, along with mob spawners that spawn mobs with a progressive level of difficulty. What can I get from them?? You can get the new heavy core, which is used to craft the new weapon, being the mace. You can get wind charges by killing breezes, which when thrown, cause a mini explosion of air, pushing things around. Pots in the structure also drops random ores. You can also get new Armor Trims and music disks. Find a map to these trials by trading with a villager

  2. The armadillo! Yeah, why did people vote for this. When breeding it, it will drop scute, which is used to craft wolf armor. This negates almost all damage until broken. You can find them in savannas.

  3. The mace A new weapon that has a very long cool down, but does more damage the father you fall. (Can one shot the warden) Very broken, as you can see.

  4. The crafter It…. crafts thing, I’ll let the red stone nerds handle that one

  5. Some new painting. I mean, they look pretty cool, so it’s a win ig

That’s pretty much all the important stuff, have fun!

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oh no :neocat_googly_shocked:

you literally just… plug it in and open your file manager? that´s it… w h a t

I had to teach my sister how to use a usb

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@jeffalo there´s a cool cat coming to your house

After I landed into Italy, we rented a car and headed up north to check out Switzerland for a day. Photos soon!

Paste this onto your browser to turn into me!


If you enter this into browser url, you will turn into @jeffalo

Jun 12, 2024, 8:27 PM
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(i also thought that “yassie_j” is just a fan account for the yaseen deity lmao)

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can we please make this the second most liked post on wasteof.money thanks

hmm, what does this sound like…

old account is #99 lmao

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gender of the day (is this a fedi reference?)

bite people gender 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

beware the gay gay homosexual gaydragn dragn fly dragn pipeline

cc @mef

me when dragons

oh shit its pride month


Jun 4, 2024, 11:44 PM
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beware the gay gay homosexual gaydragn dragn fly dragn pipeline

cc @mef

me when dragons

oh shit its pride month


You should be playing Battle for Google Sheets

(But seriously, we only have 2 players making any actions)