how did you find wasteof?

oh lol i scrolled down and found the answer anyway :)

good investigation

just wondering but are you in college?

I’ve been in and out of a few schools.

I was living in a bus in Los Angeles (and not in school) for the past few months, but I’ll be in Maine taking a film class and a ballroom dance class at USM (as a non-degree-seeking student) for the next few.

word, thanks for sharing

where did you get the plans for the interior of your bus? did you make them yourself, or find them somewhere? Either way, I would like to go on a similar trip in like 5 years or so, and plans for outfitting a bus would be very helpful

Max, Yams, and I busted out some graph paper and figured out a comfortable way of breaking up the space available.

The plan changed a bit from there, respective primarily to whatever furniture we could find for cheap, but the main layout remained the same.

Ah, makes sense

But you built the walls and beds yourself, right?

The walls and the main two beds, yes. We also have a sailboat bed above where I sleep that Matt occupies now.

Though Yams did have to cut that down to size

Idk where you're going on your bus trip, but if you're going through North Carolina maybe we can meet up

the first leg of the planned trip has us riding the coast down to Florida, so we’ll be passing through NC sometime for sure.

we’ll probably be strapped for time, and I don’t know how close you are to the 95, but we might be able to make it work

I think you would like the album “Hope” by NF. Especially the songs Pandemonium, Turn My Back, and Suffice. The first song, Hope (named after the album), is also good

thanks, I’ll check it out

I'm sorry bro, you're literally clueless about all the controversy that's happened

Also, it's kind of good at the same time. It's a massive can of worms

I haven’t a clue

if you want to know, I can tell you. But it’s a pretty big thing…

Ignorance is bliss. Unless it concerns me, I’m all set

ok, that’s fine

By the way, in the YouTube description of Onset, the LinkedIn of Niko Kochalidze is misspelled as Linkden, in both the mention and the link, so the link leads to one of these weird pages that are not actually registered:

whoops, thank you

where did you find out about wasteof?? (just curious) :)

deep internet rabbit hole

that must have been one deep rabbit hole 😳.most people get here from scratch, so I was just wondering…

I got the link to here through @xan’s website, which I found through his being retweeted by I don’t remember how I ended up on’s Twitter. I didn’t even have a Twitter at the time.

welp, your username is just @supercash again 😥

I guess you also don’t need the @supercash2 account anymore…

he’s gonna chill out for the foreseeable future

$upercash pogger

that’s high praise

deserved :p

also, you might want to create a new account with your old username @supercash with a link to this one.

secured, thank you

How’d you change your username??

what discord server is that?

i thought someone had mentioned a wasteof server, but I don’t know where to join

peep the comment chain directly under this one

i saw your chat message, its a live chat so you have to be on the page to recive it or see the chat log

is it used often?

sometimes? i can invite you to the discord which has a chat log channel

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