Couple things seem broken, but it’s pretty similar to how I remember it

I started making a game in Unity a few years ago called “Yoyo Simulator”

I modeled a hand and yoyo and programmed enough for the player to throw the yoyo around (in two dimensions) like a ball on a string.

But yoyo physics is hard, and that’s where I left it.

Anyone have interest in taking a look or helping finish it?


awesome, will check it out!

Okay so initial feedback: the physics is pretty good but the camera constantly moving is a bit of a hassle so a locked camera would’ve been better.

making that an option would be simple enough, but a first-person perspective seemed more inline with the simulation aspect

thank you for the feedback!

Pretty cool!

you’re too kind!

that's actually sick

illest in the game or the game is the illest??

just saying it’s cool, haha

though I somehow caught it on my first try!

hella impressive

Very fun, took time but I caught it after a while :D

o7 a clean catch takes dedication

thank you

Moving the mouse moves the hand

Holding left mouse button grips the hand, releasing releases

Clicking right mouse button flips the hand’s orientation

Those are all the controls for now. Just throw and try to catch the thing