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i barely go on this website, but every time i do, i feel like people need to remember that:

the one most important thing for us to learn is to understand differing opinions and to learn in life. assuming that we are right and here to prove everyone else wrong prevents us from growing and gaining more insight into the world, and also makes people that seem self-centered and arrogant.

instead of surrounding ourselves with people we agree with, re-enforcing our opinions, we should try to hear from and understand other people who may have differing opinions. we don’t have to agree with them, but it’s important to be able to listen to them respectfully and then explain why we may disagree.

instead of tuning out people we disagree with, we should follow them, hear their opinions, and think about and understand why we disagree or maybe agree with them.

on twitter for example, you should follow both sides in something like politics. of course you will have an opinion, but you should understand and hear from the other side so you can be informed. it’s likely your opinion won’t change, but being able to hear things we disagree with is what helps us become more constructive and educated people, instead of rejecting other beliefs.

tldr: pause and listen, don’t assume you are here to prove yourself right, we are here to grow and learn from differing opinions

Mar 21, 2024, 6:12 PM
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