The greatest rapper/filmmaker/creator ever

New music video “Joshua Tree” on YouTube now:


Check it out!

I stumbled into an office party for graduate-level physics students in Mexico today.

Then I discovered my white privilege by getting my meal replaced at a restaurant.


European Battle Royale with friends/family members, giving Waste.of a team.

Reply to pick a country, I need at least 6 replies to actually make a team for waste of (preferably repost because i want more than 2 replies lol), give actual former empires/varients of modern countries that are not like half of europe.

Countries so far:


Dec 8, 2023, 11:25 PM
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Joshua Tree Update (Dec 07)

The good news:

I went back to Joshua Tree yesterday. I cooked a scrumptious pasta dinner on the bus. The boys and I climbed some big rocks, saw a lot of stars, and watched a movie. In the morning, we got dope music video shots (which I’d love to show pictures of, but I don’t have them available!)

The bad news:

After arriving in J Tree, I realized much of my recording equipment is still in Maine, so I can’t record the song until after Christmas. Whoops.

Stay tuned.

Skipped seeing Napoleon in favor of completing a draft of “Joshua Tree,” which we record tomorrow.

Drank coffee (a rare occurrence) and hit the library. After six hours, I’ve got something recordable.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll drive to Joshua Tree. During the drive and the day, I’ll have the boys help me revise and improve the lyrics. Then we make music.

We’ll stay the night in the park, all the while shooting some music video.

Making good time.

Here’s the current schedule for “Joshua Tree”

  • Through Tuesday, December 5th: Write all remaining bars.

  • December 6th & 7th: Go back to Joshua Tree to record the song and shoot music video bars coverage.

  • Friday, December 8th–Monday, December 11th: Begin outsourcing music post-production and wrap up external LA things.

  • December 12th–December 23rd: I’ll be in Mexico and need to edit the music video and supervise the song’s post work, as well as everything else needed for the release (e.g. promotional graphic design).

  • December 24th: Return to New England ready to release “Joshua Tree.”

I’ll post regular updates here to keep myself accountable.

Gonna drop “Joshua Tree” by Christmas

hold me to that

Gonna drop “Joshua Tree” by Christmas

hold me to that

get rid of your smartphones and limit internet connection

we’re so terrified of our own thoughts that we drown them out whenever we can.

music or videos or podcasts or tv or social media or other content.

like when was the last time you didn’t have any external stimulation of any kind. like just lost in your own thoughts? probably in the shower, and then you’re back to stimulation 24/7. surely thats a problem???

just a thought

Nov 28, 2023, 6:11 PM
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wrote bars today. But was it enough?

In the land of the sand and sun sans surf

basing the hook off that one

Fellas, I gotta point you to the song “Pigeonometry” by Aesop Rock.


If you can get behind intricate lyrics, storytelling, and creative wordplay, check this out.

y’all ever get JONESED UP to play some poker OR WHAT??


LEAF, the band featured in Suited Up, released their first song!


Help me get these guys to 100 monthly listeners!!

LEAF, the band featured in Suited Up, released their first song!


Help me get these guys to 100 monthly listeners!!

just published introductionproductions.com/instant-promo and started sending cold emails to try giving away some service.

We’ll know within the next few days whether or not this business is viable.

Here’s the first business


The website is a work in progress. Notes are appreciated

alright no more fuckin around

it’s time to get rich

I gave a lecture on investment when I was counseling at a camp last summer.

I asked the campers (prolly not a good move in hindsight) how much money they thought the median American household income was, and one of these thirteen-year-olds guessed $2⁠–⁠3 million

Poor kids know that they are poor far earlier than rich kids know that they are rich.