The greatest rapper/filmmaker/creator ever

New music video “Joshua Tree” on YouTube now:


Check it out!

Just rendered out the final video for “Suited Up.” It drops on Friday, July 28th at 3 pm ET.

And now, I set off hitchhiking. Next stop: my aunt’s place in Massachusetts.

“Suited Up” is dropping on Friday, July 28th

This has always been the plan. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar and a scoundrel

Bus Update: Ready for furnishing…

I just spent 8 albums rotoscoping 72 frames

This Friday release date might be pushing it

“Suited Up” is over seven minutes long

Big thanks to all my boys who go along with my shenanigans to help me build my goofy projects

I intend to release “Suited Up” on Friday, July 21st.

Hold me to that

Just wrapped production on “Suited Up”

Tomorrow, I begin cutting it all together…

Post-secondary education is a monetary exchange like any other.

Colleges offer an education (along with room and board in many instances) and a degree in exchange for some price. Students are free to accept or decline this offer for themselves.

The true problem is not the price of college, which changes expectedly with the supply and demand for college degrees.

The true problem is that our society imprints the idea into all young people that college is the only path for them. This, of course, skyrockets the demand for college degrees and allows colleges to charge a premium.

There are many paths available to kids fresh out of high school, and in a world where skills are becoming ever more valuable than degrees, college should be less appealing.

Unfortunately, most of these kids follow the path of least resistance. Conditioned to do so from an early age, they go into whatever debt necessary to attend whatever school will have them, and often without a clear idea of how they will use their promised degree to achieve success later in life.

I’m not saying that college is a scam. Some people, with a clear vision of their future and how they will use their degree (and who won’t go into financial ruin before then) have a valid reason for attending college.

I am saying that you should at least consider your alternatives.

If you think college is too expensive for what it offers you (i.e. if their offer is unfair), decline the offer, don’t go to college, and forge your own path.

Instead of paying off student loan debt, why don't they make schools charge less?

Sent out pride month with a BANG by getting my (straight) boys to wed each other for a music video

Preparing to shoot a wedding scene for “Suited Up” (as it’s now known) this weekend.

This will be the most beautiful wedding ever captured on camera.

Bus Update: Ceilings going in shortly

My computer’s on grayscale. Can y’all tell me what color my dot is?

Actually, I want it to be green, so just tell me it’s green, and I’ll have to believe you


Aesop Rock - Dog at the Door

Camellia - ΩΩPARTS

Cale Saurage - Breakfast on my mind

Feral Hog - Seven and a half minutes of squealing

Gotye - Somebody that I used to know

ellie goulding - lights

Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

What should I title my upcoming project?

Logline: The team in suits spitting bars

We’ve been calling it “Suit Rap” through production. Some people love the name, others hate it. We’re considering alternatives.

Proposed names thus far:

  • Suit Rap

  • Suited Up

  • Suits

Help me with your outside opinions by commenting your support for a suggested name or suggesting a new one!