The greatest rapper/filmmaker/creator ever

New music video “Joshua Tree” on YouTube now:


Check it out!

Another one of my friendship bracelets fell off.

Three remain

Permit not passivity to suppress potential.

Embrace discomfort. Reject the stencil.

You know when you would’ve sworn you couldn’t do something, but then the challenge substantially presents itself, and you think “But am I a bitch, though?” and CRUSH THAT SHIT?

Limits are an illusion.

Approached a stranger in the cafeteria earlier. We talked for like an hour.

Talking to strangers is wonderful. I need to teach that to my subconscious.

My hair is ~4 months overdue for a cut and is getting annoyingly long.

But I’m strongly considering being a super saiyan for Halloween.

Opportunity cost is everywhere.

I’ve begun building a personal website, for which I secured the domain cassidy.cash.

I called my dad last night, and we discussed this. He questioned the domain name asking “Not cashcassidy.com?” I told him it was unavailable (which it is, surprisingly, as I’m convinced that I’m the only Cash Cassidy), and he told me he knew because he parked the domain a year or two ago, anticipating that I’d want it at some point.

Smart guy.

Finally making my way to Plovdiv this weekend

I vow to use the new environment to inspire much great writing

My first website, studio92films.com, is now online. I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

does anyone know anything about registering or insuring a vehicle?






y’all ever read The Sneetches by Dr. Suess?

I know it solely from my childhood bookshelf, and when my public speaking professor whipped out a copy in class, that hit me hard

I’ve been naturally waking up with the sun and I get SO MUCH done in the mornings now. This shit is a superpower

Twilight will be the death of me