The greatest rapper/filmmaker/creator ever

New music video “Joshua Tree” on YouTube now:


Check it out!

onset got on a spotify playlist lfg

Not that any of you are in the Portland, Maine area (as far as I’m aware), but I’m wicked happy with how these turned out, so you’re seeing them anyways :)

What are my biggest strengths and weaknesses? I know what I think they are, but I'd like an outside perspective

Bus update: Walls going up

Met with some friends I haven’t seen in a couple years at a sports bar in the Old Port. This followed a productive bus session and preceded an exciting discussion of the screenplay Yams and I will write while on Bustrip.

But the Celtics got FUCKED, so overall my night was abysmal.

Bus update: getting wired up

One productive call and one productive meeting pertaining to “Suit Rap” today.

Big things in the works

Got my first look at the bus today.

There’s work to be done

And we’re gonna do it.

Behold, “ONSET”


This is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Be a friend and show some support <3

I’m in South Portland, Maine.

I haven’t slept in a while, but “Onset” will be out shortly. Six hours, tops.

Gonna see a little London before returning to my hometown for the first time since 2021. My next post will be from South Portland, Maine.

Onset is dropping on May 22

hold me to that

drop a share for the algorithm <33333

oh my god i just plugged in the latest mix of onset into the music video and it’s so clean i’m giddy

I’m holed up in my Airbnb, working constantly.

I just spent over three hours rotoscoping 30 frames. (The length of time is less indicative of the quality of work, more so my ineptitude.)

I’ve yet to explore London.

This music video better turn out fucking amazing