make sure to waste all of your money

i should make a program to see what percentage of my followers are active.

how should i calculate activity, since i can’t really rely on posting since some people comment more?

thanksies for being my 345’th follower :3

everyone who i follow has L rizz

i updated my website wynd.dev i guess

wasteof.money, now with AI™

(Animal Images)

yo mrbeast is the now most subscribed youtuber, ending tseries’ 1,876 day streak

tryna strike a chord and it’s probably Amaj7

“my brain is a random number generator that is trying to entertain itself“


“i’m going to waste that“


“i’m going to waste YOU“


i’m scared chat

My new debut

What is up @wynd fam, my first single is now out!

Make sure to check it out


just realized i forgot to set my banner, so i decided to set it to my house

please don’t doxx me thanks

i will be copyrighting 4/4 time, all songs that use it now need to pay me. this will be a wasteof.money for the music industry. pay up

is it just me or did Google remove pagination and switch to infinite scrolling / “load more“ for some reason