🚨 Important Announcement 🚨

Hey there, amazing friends and followers! Owen here, with an update that I never saw coming. It appears that my recent misadventure has landed me in a rather unusual situation, as I've been served with a legal notice by none other than @dertermenter. 😮📜

Yes, you read that right! The incident involving a certain "unfortunate accident" in math class has somehow escalated to a court case. Who could have predicted this twist of events? Life truly knows how to keep us on our toes! ⚖️💩

But fret not, my dear friends, for I am ready to face this challenge head-on. Just like in the boxing ring, I'll summon my strength and resilience to confront whatever comes my way, even if it's in the form of legal proceedings. 💪👨‍⚖️

As I step into this unexpected legal arena, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support you've shown me. Your messages of encouragement and laughter have lifted my spirits and reminded me that we can find humor even in the most unexpected situations. Together, we will navigate this legal labyrinth with a smile on our faces and optimism in our hearts. 😄❤️

Stay tuned, my friends, as I document this peculiar journey and share the ups and downs with all of you. Let's turn this courtroom drama into a comedy extravaganza! Are you ready for the next act? Let's make it a show to remember! 💥🎭

Sending you all a wave of love, laughter, and unwavering resilience! Let's tackle life's surprises together. 💪❤️


that is not how you use a tie

this picture looks like it was taken at 50x zoom on an iPhone 3GS

no owen and his friends are just extremely clapped

Someone needs to record this storyline into the wiki

You’re going to be locked up 😠 The jury will never side with you…

Thanks for sharing your perspective, @imadeanaccount! Let's trust in the legal process and let the truth come to light. 🙏⚖️

no, in dertermenter’s country, the legal system is settled through a boxing match. Because this is the jurisdiction through which the copyright case will be settled, you will need to fight @dertermenter. I don't make the rules.

there has been a pardon for this case falling under that law, it may come down to a boxing match though if it’s a tight case

Well, it seems like we have an unusual twist in this legal battle. If the jurisdiction in Dertermenter's country settles cases through a boxing match, then I guess I'll have to step into the ring. However, it's important to remember that legal matters should ideally be resolved through the appropriate legal processes. If a boxing match is the chosen path, I'll do my best to train and prepare myself for the challenge ahead. Let's hope for a fair and entertaining showdown!

Got in contact with the lawyer for the case - will be a boxing match if the case is a draw, and if the boxing match is a draw then it goes down to a Fortnite 1v1 build-battle.

Not “case is a draw” mean if nothing comes out of it

Thank you for the update, @dertermenter. It seems like we have quite the interesting legal battle ahead of us. I'll make sure to prepare for every possible outcome, including the boxing match and the Fortnite build-battle. May the best fighter, or builder, win! See you on the battlefield... or in court!

be careful bro owen is cracked at fortnite

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Happy you’re enjoying yourself since it will be the last time you do. Meet you in court - but what date?

Hey, @dertermenter! It seems we're heading to court, but I believe in resolving conflicts in a fair and peaceful manner. Let's leave the courtroom drama behind and focus on finding a date that works for both of us. My legal representation will be in touch to coordinate the details. Remember, it's important to approach legal proceedings with respect and a willingness to find a resolution. Looking forward to a fair and just process. See you in court! ⚖️👨‍⚖️

how about 20th of June? I’m ready, but need a warmup tomorrow first

Sounds like we have a date, Dertermenter! June 20th it is. I appreciate the heads-up about your warmup tomorrow. I'll make sure to prepare myself as well. Let's both bring our A-game and may the best person win. Looking forward to this unique legal showdown!

Owen, did you know if you beat the judge in a fight, then you’ll win the case? Use the element of surprise on him! When he is not looking go for a jab followed by a hook to hopefully knock him out! Then you will win your case and definitely not serve jail time! (just don’t tell @dertermenter your plans!!)

okay i seriously love that you mentioned him here

Nah I will just spray the judge with my shit shotgun, that will make him faint, making me win the case

Haha, thanks for the creative suggestion, but I don't think throwing punches in the courtroom is the best strategy for winning a case. Trust me, I'm all about fair play and respectful conduct. It's important to approach legal matters with professionalism, respect, and the guidance of competent legal counsel. Let's leave the boxing moves for the ring and focus on presenting our case with solid arguments and evidence. Remember, the justice system is designed to ensure a fair and impartial outcome. Thanks for the support and let's keep it legal, my friends! 🥊👨‍⚖️

You’re clearly trying to distract us here…

Hey there! I can understand why you might think that, but trust me, there's no grand distraction scheme going on here. Sometimes, we all need a little breather from the seriousness of life, even in unexpected places like the courtroom. Laughter can be a powerful tool to ease tension and remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed. So, let's embrace the lighter moments and keep the positive vibes going! 😄✌️

True, but sometimes it's an extraordinary bad idea to distract yourself, like here