i wouldn't ban trans women from @lilypad for making fun of me (yes this is a photomatt subpost)


subpost? sure hope it does

(can you explain pls 🥺)

photograph matthew banned a trans woman then misgendered her after asked to explain himself

he misgendered her by using ‘they’ instead of ‘her’?

yes. also ‘it’, too, but he said it was ‘the account’ he was referring to (even though an account is an extension of a person so to speak)

that seems okay to me. i dont understand the full situation though

like if i spammed, you’d say “i banned her”, because you banned me, the person, from wasteof. my account is the means to access wasteof. he said something like “i banned it”. i’m not saying he was actually calling her it/its intentionally, it’s just a bit weird to say that specifically under the situation where getting pronouns right is quite important.

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also i’m hearing that he Actually Did call the police on her for making a joke about chucking a hammer off his car, because he deleted her (sfw) transition timeline because it’s “untagged adult content”. i thought it was just a threat

wow I just discovered the context for this

I agree, photomatt should die in a hammer explosion (I do not actually think he should die but what he and the moderators did was horrible)

what is a subopost

a subpost is when you talk about someone without mentioning them

you talked about photomatt though

yeah but he doesn't have wasteof

you sure are an interesting creature

true :33