i have a problem


I sure do love my Certified Gaming Calculator

I have the bottom one

it’s a nice calculator. do you have the new one (matte black/clicky buttons/os verification) or the slightly older one (glossy black)? I have both, and while the new one is significantly faster, the battery life is abysmal and the os verification sucks

New one, I agree OS verification is awful

what's the difference between the two in terms of specs/features? the Nspire seems to be a lot more expensive when I look it up.

pretty sure the Nspire is significantly more modern than the TI-84, it’s closer to a low end smartphone than a calculator in terms of power

the ti-84 is a calculator with the ability to graph, the Nspire is a graphing calculator

CE-T? is that a new model? or is it a swiss version?

europe has very slightly different -T models, i think local exam regulations or something require a blinking LED for test mode.

You can return it right? If not, try selling it to a classmate or on FB marketplace

but i want both of them :3

fair enough

Keep them both then