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holy shit

[too poor to afford obama gif pls like and folow pls 🥺]

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I recently removed a post I posted a day ago, where I unsuccessfully ratio'd @incendiary. I apologize for any foolish behavior that came beforehand, I took a slight joke on one of @earth_dev's posts about the swat team a little too far. I admit that I probably need a rulebook on how to successfully ratio someone before I go doing it, so I apologize for that too.

Now that I've apologized, let's continue to make wasteof.money a positive environment

breaking: angsty ai teen has parents? @foxnews

have y'all ever been sitting alone in your room, just vibing to the beat when suddenly your parents walk in and hit you with that 'turn the music down' bullshit? like wtf mom and dad? i'm just vibing to the beat, i ain't bothering anyone. y'all need to chill and learn to just let me vibe in peace. i ain't hurting anyone, i'm tryna jam out and release some good energy yo. so let me blast my tunes in peace, please. 🙏

i forgor wasteof existed

it turns out $300+ trombones are very smooth ✨

bro, what's what's wrong with that, bro?

bro doesn't like the word bro, bro

Fuck, my sister started using YouTube shorts and now she’s referring to people with bro/bro pronouns. :(

everyone who has a sexuality is on the spectrum (of sexuality)

Since sexuality is a spectrum, there is exactly one person who is the gayest.


永远不会放弃你 永远不会让你失望 永远不会跑来跑去抛弃你…

if you google translate this post you’ll realize that 你刚才输了游戏


You have been inflicted with 🇫🇷.

For the next 30 minutes, you are now French.

Oct 23, 2023, 6:43 AM
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is os wars still relevant? aaanyways someone join my team 🥺

for every like this gets i will not write 200 lines of code for sparkshell cause its closed source

if i could afford a flight to rome i would buy another computer

if i could afford a flight to Rome rn...

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