deleted a few of my posts because they're causing excessive numbers of notifications from debate bros

my phone is having an absolute normal one today but what i tried to say was essentially i’m soft leaving - that is, i’ll answer any notifications, because of the possibility of lies spreading like last time, but i won't post any more. i may occasionally comment but probably not. i probably won't come back unless a substantial improvement in the community both on and off site has occurred. in the meantime, if you want to continue seeing my posts, you can follow me on the fediverse at


Oh wow, I’m a bit shocked to hear that you made a 9/11 joke (if it’s true, I don’t know this situation well enough to know whether that is really the case)

I probably shouldn’t be necroing this post but I was just curious: Why? Can you or (ideally, AND) someone give me a run-down of what happened?

i just posted a shitpost

Ah, do you have a link to the post perhaps? I would be interested in reading more about it

@lily do you notice that no one here agrees with you? stop and question, why is this?

look at posts you’ve written from someone else’s shoes (maybe like @nyc’s, who 9/11 seems to personally affect from what i’ve read) and read everything you written. then let me know what you think.

and this isn’t sarcastic or a joke, please genuinely do this. i think it could be helpful.

this comment is quite vastly fucking ironic considering what you just posted a bit ago

how?? and did you do what i said? i can’t force you to, but i think it’s important for you to see how your posts might come off to other people by putting yourself in other’s shoes.

your last post. it doesn’t apply in a lot of cases, and i do do that a lot. you seem to be the one doing the opposite of what your post says though.

so my last post said that it’s important to understand differing opinions. your opinion is that 9/11 jokes are okay. i disagree.

in me trying to understand why you think they are okay, i can’t find many arguments that you have shared supporting your side besides “oh yeah sure but it's fine to make jokes about people who could commit suicide yeah sure i get it” (people make jokes about people that commit suicide, so i can make jokes about 9/11). i asked for evidence from you and never got a reply.

i can though, find plenty of evidence supporting the claim that 9/11 jokes are not okay. such as “ok but how does that relate to the fact that it’s not okay to make jokes about something that killed many people’s FAMILY. are you willing to put that aside to make a “joke”??” or “There are kids right now, in this world, who never got to meet there grandparents because of 9/11.”

so i have tried to see things from your side. i’m asking for you to see things from everyone else’s.

That doesn’t invalidate his point.

and it isn’t ironic because i’m asking her to do what i literally wrote in the post she agrees with

yeah but i’ve explained multiple times why that doesn’t work in practice. you expect me to subscribe to r/conservative because i don’t agree with them, and get spammed with “you will never be a woman” a million times? likewise, you expect me to listen to any of you, when all you do is follow me around the site showing off what a massive cunt you are?

this is the last time i plan to reply to you. i don’t expect a reply back but if you want to you can. i don’t want to start more drama that’s over.

first of all, you agreed with my post. it’s slightly misleading to agree and then go on about how you disagree and expect people to understand you.

second, i respect your decision to choose not to listen to other sides. that’s a decision only you can make, and i and no one else can make you listen to opposing sides. if you find that it isn’t something you want, that’s great, no one is forcing you to do it. my opinion is different than yours and that’s okay. you don’t have to agree.

third, you don’t have to listen to me or anyone else on this site. if you choose, you can unfollow me, which is why you are seeing my posts. and if you don’t want people, including me, to respond to your posts, you can stop posting.

fourth, i never received replies to my comment asking for evidence of @dertermenter encouraging suicide. it’s hard for me to listen and understand someone when they only insult you and others and don’t provide sources for huge accusations.

lastly, i apologize for any of my comments that were sarcastic and rude. i believe that healthy debate is important and sarcasm only angers people which leads away from such debate. i know that some of my comments were made in anger because i disagree with you. you are entitled to your opinion as i am to mine. i should have made sure all of my comments were respectful. i’m sorry.

sorry, what does this mean?

That just means “please read this”

okay, thank you!

tw: controversial for some reason, scroll past if you don’t want to see

yeah i’m really sorry that the right-wing theory saying that it’s insensitive to make 9/11 jokes because as it was the largest terrorist attack in human history where many people lost loved ones and almost 3k people died was expressed here. so sorry that the people were upset about that, i can’t even imagine why! those debate bros.

admins, if you want to delete this post, at least consider taking further action against people on this website here to start argument and nothing else. thanks!! :)

so an apology would be nice maybe


not everything's about you? you realise there's a whole other world around you with original people saying original things

ok but how does that relate to the fact that it’s not okay to make jokes about something that killed many people’s FAMILY. are you willing to put that aside to make a “joke”??

oh yeah sure but it's fine to make jokes about people who could commit suicide yeah sure i get it

no one is saying that

motherfucker YOU did

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maybe don't make 9/11 jokes

Didn’t you say you left?

You said you won’t post no more. I CAN READ

yeah i didn't

You said you would stop posting though