sorry if my recent wall post here didn’t make any sense. google “reverse text” if you’re curious as to what i was talking about

That’s the weirdest bug

i know right?

!siht ekil ,sdrawkcab detnirp era tsop dna weiverp eht ,soi foetsaw no llaw resu a no gnitsop nehw ,tey noitnetta ruoy ot thguorb neeb tn'sah ti esac ni tsuj

thanks for the follow!

No problem bro

the taliban is following this account

for what reason

Nvm taliban is banned 💀

top level comment

Holy mushroom churritos! You have a heck lot of posts!

Yeah most of the old ones aren’t worth looking at though

I personally am a big block of text enjoyer :P

Thanks, I like writing them but most people don’t like to read them

did you delete the comment yourself or is a flame war going to start

mef deleted it

or the mods, idk who

wooo i get to see the beginning of a flame war firsthand :D

What's a flame war again? (Sorry I'm not up to date with this stuff)

An online argument that descends into personal attacks

Really looking forward to the wasteof iOS app, do we have a timeline for when it’ll be released?

I’m hoping to release a beta within the month and a full release in the summer.

Can I beta test please?

yes, I will make a post about it when I make the beta

Hey, did you leave a comment to me somewhere? It says it was deleted.

I agreed with your comment about the mef situation, but I didn’t delete the comment. The post it was on probably got deleted

All I said was “This ^”

oh right ok!

what was the controversy

I must know pls

mef posted about how Israel wanted to drop a nuke on Gaza, k10398 said their opinion about the war in Gaza, then I said my opinion (that neither side was good but the war had to keep going if you want to bring peace in the Middle East), and mef got really mad at both of us. Then k10398 got upset and left the site. The posts are still up on k10398’s profile if you want to see, look at the comments of the top 2 newest posts

Ah ok, thx for the info

Help I'm losing a ratio to @blaze

Imagine being so desperate that you had to write a comment like this. Like our post instead!

You're desperate. You asked for @jeffalo's support in the ratio war

I guess we’ll see what happens

Is it worth fighting for Ohio?

Well, you didn’t hear our full plan that I made earlier, we’re gonna capture Minnesota and then go full send east so we’re gonna attack Ohio at some point

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