the closer that you look...it seems the less that you will see...

i’m a person that does things like drawing comics, writing code, and also tons of other things that i’d hit the character limit if i tried to explain.



Jan 24, 2022, 6:09 PM
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Have you ever been in a situation where the overall mood is serious and you just can’t stop thinking of memes?

What the heck is wrong with cubeupload? Like some images show, and others don’t. The website appears to be functioning correctly.

I hate grammerly now

why do we have to sign in to use the extension

I really hate school chromebooks now.

They blocked Wikipedia. And then Outlook.com.

Pretty soon they’ll block Blackboard.

I walk in to my history class this morning and on the whiteboard is an image of the American Revolution but with Star Wars lightsabers and characters photoshopped on to it. They are really trying.

happy new year!

hope 2022 isn’t a pit of crap like the past two years…

i just googled my username and the stuff that pops up (especially in images) is weird. it brought up forum posts and long deleted webpages. google is really creepy

Find someone who cares about you as much as Google cares about you signing into your account

motivation is a weird thing.

you can go from having tons of it..to none in under 30 minutes.

maybe that’s why i never finish anything i start?

Does anybody know any free WordPress web hosts? The one I currently use for my website (zya.me) got sold (or something) and now it’s bad

winter break is finally here

time to forget everything from the past semester


new snap! version

very cool