that beta test badge has been here almost as long as i've been using wasteof....

i’m a person that does things like drawing comics, writing code, and also tons of other things that i’d hit the character limit if i tried to explain.



Jan 24, 2022, 6:09 PM
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i’m pretty sure this has been asked before, but how many wasteof.money users are there?

actual feedback on the beta:

Everything is really good! I really like the new messages and profile pages (custom links, finally!), and your custom profile color carrying over into other parts of the site (like text colors) is a really nice touch.

My only complaint is the font. I don't really like terminal/courier new. I would really like a way to switch between different fonts.

that's about it

thanks for the invite @jeffalo!

[2022-04-21 13:12:09] <TheGlassPenguin> have you ever revisited something you like when you were y o u n g c h i l d and cringed?
[2022-04-21 13:12:52] <jackybordercollie> y e s

[2022-04-21 13:16:16] <TheGlassPenguin> the nostialgia filter always comes into play when you look back on things you liked as a y o u n g h u m a n, and it comes flying down and crashes on the ground when you actually revisit that thing


(actual constructive feedback coming soon. [or eventually])

yay we can sign into ocular again

also it has one-click sign in now


i found this on an old website and now i’m losing my mind

My website (https://tgp.zya.me) generates 0.11g of CO2 every time someone visits it (according to websitecarbon.com), which is cleaner than 90% of the internet.

when is wasteof 3 going to happen

i have read the entirety of the first few pages of QaS and Suggestions

i need something to do

april fools is over


now i have to remove my funny upside-down website css

and my funny forum signature

and my pfp

and unshare my jebait project


i wonder how many wasteof accounts exist

if somebody ports rush e to scratch noteblocks i will follow them

when you destroy your friend’s level 19 with a level 7 starter-

And now we’re already on Chrome 99. We’re gonna have to start making preparations pretty soon.

I just learned that Chrome 100 will break a ton of websites. Apparently, some websites read the first two digits of the version number, meaning that 100 would be read as 10 and trigger the thingy designed to prevent older, insecure versions of Chrome from visiting the site.

(if you’re wondering where I found this out, here it is: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2021/12/23/google-chrome-update-warning-new-chrome-version-100 )