the closer that you look...it seems the less that you will see...

i’m a person that does things like drawing comics, writing code, and also tons of other things that i’d hit the character limit if i tried to explain.



Jan 24, 2022, 6:09 PM
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there is no punchline

unity doin some shit again

i’m stealing this for something just give me a few days

when you scream into the void but someone’s there and heard everything and there’s also a microphone recording everything

just imagine being in a discord call with your entire friend group and then lemon demon just comes on spotify, and is audible on my headphone mic

because that happened just now and now two particular idiots cannot stop laughing

Sep 13, 2023, 1:29 AM
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this is a question:

does the iphone 14/15's ‘always-on display’ serve any useful purpose?

if there’s one thing my friends can agree on it’s this:

the arc theme, particularly arc-darkest is awesome

fluent ui and material design/material you can cry in a corner

it’s been done, the forums are back, running a shiny new and actually maintained forum software

that being said we could’ve been better prepared for the transition

Transferring the TBGs.

ETA 20 minutes.

i still argue this is one of the best posts of all time

why does the fungus make evrything go wowweeeooooowawwoommmmmmwmmwaoiiiiaaammooowwwwwowooowwwmeeiiiiiaaaaawwwwooommmm

dumb arguments i have had with friends (on the internet)

  • literally any discussion after playing a competitive video game

  • how fast it would take if america decided to annex canada

  • whichever one of us deserves to be the irc channel dictator [the person with admin rights]

  • which person is responsible for leaking the irc channel password for the 90th time

  • asesprite v. mtpaint

  • photoshop v. gimp

  • minetest v. minecraft

  • a certain group member's bizzare music tastes

  • debian v. ubuntu

  • arch linux v. manjaro

  • kde v. gnome/trinity v. mate

At a restaurant, you eat food.

At a restrant, you eat criticism.